I'll live to regret this, but here's the Semantle thread

Maserschmidt told us about Semantle, here. There’s more details in that post, but as an overview, Semantle is a guess-the-word game, only based on semantic similarity rather than the letters it contains (as in the case of Wordle).

So as not to hijack the Wordle thread any further, I figured I start this thread.

I got today’s word today’s word in 11. I’m going to play it over the next couple of days and see if it leads to me giving up in disgust. :laughing:

The game can be found here. Anyone else want to give it a go?

From the other thread, eschrodinger, you said you had a word that got you within 17 of today’s. Just curious which word that was.

I feel like that game did something weird to my brain. I hovered around a 23 similarity for about 35 tries (with plenty of negatives in there), hit one in the top 1000, then got it on the next try at #39.

I did # 59 a few hours ago Detroit time. Got in high 40’s by 59 th guess. Trying to hurtle exceed outpace rocket (cold) then gave one up.
I don’t see my stats but already #60 is up.

I started with same. Brain hurts where is the tip list?

I feel like the game would be much better if it told you the 1000th word. Randomly typing until you stumble into the list simply isn’t fun.

After bouncing wildly around between 0.50 and 60.82 in no particular pattern, hit it on try #14.

I suspect a great deal of luck is involved.

Just got Semantle #60. Took 80 tries, which wasn’t really an issue as I started it last night when chela pointed out that it was available, and then kept going back to it today when I needed a break from what I was actually supposed to be doing.

Really fascinating. The word is principle and and because it is polysemous (a word I just learned on the Semantle FAQ), it was quite the journey. I cycled through many senses of the word - legal and mathematical/logical - until I got there. Love this game. Really makes you think of the web of meanings a word can have.

That was kind of fun. I got today’s in 43, but it took me a bit to catch on that you look for words similar to the ones you’ve scored highest on.

Personal best today of 21. Had a lucky early guess that got me to 970/1000.

What a bummer this game was. :frowning:

I tried it once. I spent hours making guesses, I think over 200. I got really close but didn’t get it.

I went back the next day for the answer, and the answer was one of my early guesses. For some reason it didn’t count it. So I chased my tail for hours for nothing.

Thus sure is no Wordle. What a waste of time.

Apparently getting the same word but as a different part of speech (say, noun instead of adjective) doesn’t count.

I found that out yesterday by giving up in frustration (if you give up, the site will tell you the word.)

How can “present” be correct but not “present”? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

– OK, I’ve got no explanation for that one at all.

I’ve yet to solve this game. I’ve gotten the green bar within 976/1000 but remain stumped. Always surprised at the word and that the solution was not obvious to me.

I know I repeat guesses too.

It is somewhat meditative, I find my guesses often heading into space literally.

Today I started with chaste and now I’m up to miserly and have to get much much closer from there I don’t know where this one is going to end up.

After 162 guesses, I’m at 994/1000. Not at all sure how to proceed. This is my first time trying it. Are spoilered guesses okay? I’d be happy to collaborate with other folks on it.

I finally got there at 111. I find this addictive, but also frustrating; the use of many similar roots had me inputting a bunch of different word endings (see examples below in spoiler box, which does include the answer).

Still, the process of narrowing in, like a game of linguistic Battleship, is quite fun.

111 cooperation 100.00 FOUND!
105 collaboration 60.83 998/1000
94 partnership 53.41 995/1000
84 mutual 48.95 985/1000
82 agreement 44.51 970/1000
80 alliance 43.78 964/1000
100 accords 43.03 957/1000
92 accord 42.17 949/1000
106 collaborate 40.46 944/1000
83 pact 40.32 942/1000
98 partners 36.52 895/1000
95 partnering 34.52 859/1000
97 allies 33.05 823/1000
81 treaty 32.41 803/1000
102 deal 30.79 730/1000
42 support 29.50 660/1000
96 ally 29.13 632/1000
86 arrangement 28.24 558/1000
108 collaborates 26.87 454/1000

ETA though I should probably pay more attention to successful word forms (noun, verb etc) as that’s indicative I think of the final form?

Well, time to retire, I just got it in 8 tries. (neatly balancing out multiple runs over 150). Obviously a lucky start.

Puzzle 66. Surf was my 5th guess cold and most similar out of 10 guesses before I gave up.

3 gu /5 dnf

Puzzle 67, found it on try 78. Didn’t find my way to a greenie until 52….

I played around yesterday with 66 to try and learn the game, but gave up to see the answer and try to figure out how it works.

Then I played 67 today and got it in 67. I like it.

One of us!