I see through your plan Apple, I see what you're doing.

You make this laptop, see. You make it pretty. You make it FAST. (and piping hot, but that’s another thread)

Then you add a feature. If you use two fingers on the track-pad, it’ll scroll the window, rather than moving the mouse.


Two fingers.

Like you’re petting an animal or stroking a valuable object.

Subconsciously, while you’re reading a web page, you’re stroking your laptop. Reinforceing your love of your computer.

[gollum]My PRrrrrrrrECIOUS![/gollum]

I’m stroking my Apple right now!

Can you imagine if they marketed their laptops as laptops with built-in bacon cookers? They wouldn’t just dominate the computer market. They’d rule the WORLD!


Well, it certainly generates enough heat to cook bacon.

They also need a flip-up straw, so you can tap into a nice, frosty reservoir of your favorite beverage.

It won’t be frosty for long, from what I’ve heard. Maybe they could add a coffee-maker instead :stuck_out_tongue: