I seek a good (preferably easy) cherry cobbler recipe!

I know I could check out Food Network’s website or just use Google, but you Dopers are some of the finest chefs I’ve ever known. If anyone has an easy recipe for a knock-out cherry cobbler, I’d be much obliged. Keep in mind that I’m admittedly not much of a baker, so recommendations for store-bought varieties would be welcomed as well. Also, do people usually use the canned cherry pie filling for those? It seems like de-pitting a bunch of fresh cherries might be more hassle than it’s worth.

You want easy? Here’s how we used to do it on Boy Scout campouts:
Dump can of cherry pie filling into Dutch oven.
Dump Jiffy yellow cake mix on top.
Cut up a little butter or margarine on top of the cake mix.
Bake until it looks done.

You could also try it with chocolate cake mix if that sounds good.
Instead of cherry pie filling, try apple pie filling and canned peaches.

Sweet Cherry Cobbler. It takes only 20 minute to prepare (plus baking), and allows you to use frozen cherries.

Use Thudlow’s recipe, only substitute sweetened Bisquik for the cake mix. This is my default cobbler, and I use canned cherries, peaches, etc. with no problems. :smiley:

So just add regular sugar to Bisquick and sprinkle it onto the cherries before baking? And put butter on top so it melts as the thing bakes? That’s IT?

I could have been making these for YEARS! (I’m not big on the cherries myself–it’s for someone else–but I love other fruits, and that seems almost TOO easy.)

That’s it. Bisquick is the greatest invention on earth. You can adjust the sweetness easily - I recommend adding a tablespoon of sugar to the mix and working from there. I don’t like mine very sweet, so I generally hold back on the sugar.

You can modify this recipe by adding Southern Comfort to the peaches, Kirsh to the cherries, etc. :smiley:

Look in your generic cookbook for a recipe for drop biscuits. Mix up the biscuit dough.

Dump a can of cherries into a cake pan. Glop the biscuit dough on top. Sprinkle with sugar. Bake for as long as your recipe calls for the biscuits to cook.

Eat warm.

The Cuppa Cobbler recipe:

Cup of self rising flour
Cup of sugar
Cup of milk
stick of butter

can/bag of favorite fruit

  1. Put the stick of butter in a 9x13 or 8x8 pyrex dish into a 375 oven and melt until sizzling.

  2. Mix the cups of stuff together in bowl.

  3. Pour the batter into the sizzling butter,

  4. Dump your fruit of choice in and spread the fruit evenly through the pan.

Bake for about 35 minutes. Enjoy!

Ssssssh! Generations of mothers have been getting extra hugs and offers of dishes washed for us for going to “all that trouble” of making cobbler! Don’t blow our secret! :smiley: