I seem to have made my password too long...

When I tried to add a sig to my profile I was presented with a login screen. I typed in my username and password, and got the response that my PW was invalid. Long story short, I finally figured out that the “Your Password” field on this page wasn’t accepting the last two characters of my password.

I thought about trying a trick I heard about once, of copying the page to my hard drive, editing the html code in the form section to accept a longer entry, and try logging in from there.

While exploring this board though, I came upon a comment by one of the admins that “messing with the server” would get me banned. I don’t know if this trick counts as that, but I don’t want to take any chances.

Is there a workaround for my problem?

Send an e-mail to Tuba and she can fix it. She can fix anything.

You may not have noticed that “HTML is turned off”. Look down at the bottom of the page here. This is because someone hacked the passwords in February 2000 and they turned it off.

The admins frown on people hacking into the system, even if it’s just to fix your own password.



Yeah. A real simple one. Choose a shorter password.

While we’re on the subject of passwords, you can get your password emailed to you. Just click on the “Forgotten you password?” link on the reply screen.

Incidentally, passwords can ONLY be alphanumeric characters. So if you changed your password to something like &^%$, you need to email an administrator (TubaDiva or me)(from the email address that’s listed in your profile) and have us change it.

Ummm…yes, but I can’t change it until I can get to my profile page, which I can’t do because the login screen won’t accept my password.

Did that. Even copied and pasted the PW from the email. Part of the “long story” :slight_smile:

Mine is.

Well, two days since I emailed Tubadiva. Still no response. Anyone out there?

I think that TubaDiva’s off timing cars at races. Or something. I’m going to shorten your password and send it to you, then you can change it to whatever you like.

I have the exact same problem Weird_AL does.

Password is too long…it’s all letters, I’ve tried the “request lost password” feature. It tells me what my password is, but when I try it I also get “invalid password”.
I’m just used to long passwords. I used to be a moderator at a gaming site, and we could have passwords up to 20 characters long. I used all 20 for security reasons.

If the password can only be 15 characters long, then why does the “register a name” page let you add more than that?

Well, at least I can still post…

~goes off to e-mail the admin and make a suggestion on the site board~

My hand to Jesus, Al, I never saw anything from you.

Where did you mail it?

your humble TubaDiva


It didn’t get bounced or anything so it must’ve been a valid address.

Yeah, it’s valid. Speaking o’ which, I hope she got mine earlier today <hint, hint>…