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                 I did what you said and checked the "do not store username and password in browser button" Now when I come on and try to
                 post my PASSWORD is already typed in and my USERNAME is not. Somehow that is backwards. This happens with netscape
                 at home and IE at work, so I dont think its a browser issue. Just wanted to make sure that this issue is known.

05-03-2000 10:35 AM

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                 Very few (if any) places in cyberspace are truly secure.

                 Bobort's hint is worth quoting:

                      If you're worried about your password being sniffed, the best thing you can do is to use a unique password for this
                      site (so if someone finds out your password all they can do is use your account here).

                 your humble TubaDiva

Dont know how that turned out… it was a copy and paste. Maybe you should look at my original post again. My password is already typed in when I come on… my USERNAME is NOT. THAT IS IDIOTIC AND BACKWARDS, and I was just bringing it to the attention of whoever needs to know.

Someone should respond to this problem

test post

When the reply page first showed, UserName was blank. As a test, I typed in the UserName Strider. I got a message saying the Password was wrong. So I typed in MY UserName, clicked Submit Reply, and the test post went through.

IOW, just because UserName is blank and Password is not does not mean anyone can impersonate you. If the Password and Username BOTH do not match that in your profile, you cannot post. A hacker (or co-worker or fellow Public Library patron [which is MY potential problem]) would have to get BOTH in order to impersonate you. Simply do not tell anyone your UserName and you’ll be fine, B-Line12.

If you HAVE already given out your UserName, contact a moderator or an administrator and tell them you want to change your UserName. As long as you de-register the one you have now, this would be fine.

Another message to the techs.


your humble TubaDiva

Its not your job to appologize Tuba, I just didnt know if you understood what I was talking about in the other thread because there were so many other similar posts. I am sorry if I came off too blunt, I didnt mean to sound angry, as I definatly wasnt. I think you and the rest of the moderators do a GREAT job with too little recognition!!