Bug reports

Let’s keep this thread for actual bug reports, not requested enhancements or things we don’t like. Only items where it seems clear the software is actually broken.

My bug report:

When attempting to edit my profile, the software doesn’t get my username and password from the cookie. I have to go look it up from my e-mail.

The cookie only seems to contain the password, unencrypted, and last date visited.
If you use a shared computer and your roomies are jerks, you’d better ask that the password not be saved, or plan to erase it a lot.

I’m on my computer at home which is secure. The cookie apparently doesn’t get saved until you edit your profile on a particular machine.

Thanks, this is EXACTLY the kind of information we really need to know.

I’ll be sure to draw this to the attention of our techs, they’re working overtime to make all this happen and fix all the problems.

For those of you suffering through stuff, we apologize; at the end of this short stretch of bumpy road IS a better message board experience.

your humble TubaDiva

PS BTW, we have not had to have a system reset in . . . 24 hours? We ARE on the right track.