I’ve checked the “no” box in my profile for storing username and password in browser memory, and my username doesn’t show up, but my password does. Anyone know what’s going one? Also, I had to type this message twice because Flood Control killed my first my message, and pressing “back” didn’t recover it. Could this be fixed?

I dunno why your password continues to be stored. Are you careful to log out at the end of your session? That removes the cookie from the system.

As for “flood control,” I dunno what to tell you. It seems to be more sensitive when there’s a lot of action on the board; I got it myself earlier today, but simply going back in my browser brought my reply back to the screen.

your humble TubaDiva

Just wanna point out that even logging out still leaves the website cookie in the computer. I was at my mom’s last week and wanted to make sure to remove all traces of my evil forays into the use of the “F” word, so after logging out I checked her cookies list on the hard drive and sure enough, there it was.

Log out? How do I do that?

At the botton of the forum summary page, the main MB page if you wanna call it that, click where it says, “log out.” Although it says your cookies have been deleted, I don’t know what really happens.

I see a “log in” buttom, but I see no “log out” option.

This is gonna sound backwards, but go to your profile settings and make sure “Store Username & Password in browser memory” is clicked “Yes.”

When you do that, you’ll be able to sign in and out via the Straight Dope Message Board Home Page. Just go towards the bottom right hand side of the page and log in and out.

your humble TubaDiva