Cookie problem?

Okay, the board isn’t “remembering” my name and password, the lightbulbs are not showing up (neither lit nor unlit) and the pink/red “new since last visit” folders are not showing up either (all topics show an open yellow folder).

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Nevermind, yeah, it appears that it was some kind of cookie problem. With luck, it is fixed now.

That’s been happening to me, too. Every time. It’s driving me bonkers. I keep deleting the old cookies and installing the new, but it keeps on happening.

I think nearly everyone has this problem from time to time. Just another marvel of technology.

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I would appreciate it if someone could tell me which cookies are related to this site. My cookie folder gets filled with junk and I tend to just wipe them all out at once. This is the only site for which I actually want to retain cookies, and I would do so if I could decipher the lingo.

I don’t know if this is a cookie problem or not, but often I am in the middle of jumping around the message boards on this site and my “back” button (IE5) just up and quits. Why does this happen?

Another question, unrelated to cookies: Why is it that sometimes a link opens up another window, and sometimes it replaces the current active window? I see no pattern.

I need answers all you smart computer-types! (Louie?)

Let me kick this over to our ace tech folks, see what they have to say.

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The name of the cookie for the SDMB is "ubbcgi/…

Lissa, don’t delete the cookie above, the cookies save your preferences for the board.


I have no idea, that happens to me too only in IE5. It’s probably slobby programming in IE5 that’s doing it.

Link 1 : <a href=“”>test1</a> (using <a href=“web address”> code)

Link 2 : <A HREF=“http://“”” TARGET=_blank>test2</A> (using URL=web address UBB code)

Link 3 : (UBB automatically linking web address)

Let’s try that again…

Link 1 : <a href=“”>test1</a> (using <a href=“web address”> HTML code)

Link 2 : test2 (using URL=web address UBB code)

Link 3 : (UBB automatically linking web address)

Link 1 should open in the same window, while Link 2 and Link 3 should open in a new window.

So any links done with UBB codes will open in a new window, and any links done by HTML will open in the same window.

Man I’m bored.

Right clicking on the link will give you a menu of options. You can then choose to open it in a new window no matter how the link is set.

Thank you for your answers, Louie and EvilGhandi.

My cookie folder shows a “ubbcgi” cookie and another called “preferences”, but no mention of “straightdope.” I’ll try deleting all but those two and see if my preferences are still set.

Louie, if one chooses to code it as such, an html link can also be set to open in a new browser window. All it requires is that you type target="_blank" at the end of the url in your code.