Log-in trouble

All day, every time I try to post I have to re-log in. What’s up? I usually only have to log in if I haven’t posted for a couple of days. It’s becoming a bit of a pain. We just had the computer in for some work; could that be the problem?

I wonder if someone has changed the cookie settings on your computer while it’s been at the workshop.

Well, Puck, now that you’ve told us your password, I suggest you change it before some miscreant does it for you.

Thanks, guys.
I do have a password, so that’s not it. It just did it to me again, in fact. I’m leaning toward someone tossing my cookies! :smiley:
I’ll see if I can get it reset. I mostly wanted to see if it was a change on the board itself, but I guess not.

Okay, let’s look at the basics here.

  1. Check your profile settings and be sure you have “Remember Username and password” checked to “YES.”

  2. Check your browser settings and be sure that your machine is set up to accept cookies. If not, change those settings.

  3. Look at the “Temporary Internet Files” folder in Windows. That’s where cookies live. Delete all the content in the folder and let your machine re-accept cookies.

Sometimes just doing these simple things fixes the problem.

If not, then here’s some more stuff to think about.

Have you installed any sort of firewall program such as Zone Alarm or BlackIce? That might be blocking the cookie.

This is gonna sound wacky, I know, but changed your time/date settings lately?

This last time around for the Daylight Saving switch, instead of simply falling back an hour, my computer reset itself to January 1, 2029.

This made most every cookie I encountered expired and therefore unusable.

I’m embarassed to tell you it took me the better part of a week to figure out what the problem was. . . I kept looking at everydamnthing else, including deleting/reinstalling Internet Explorer . . . deleting/resetting cookie files . . . etc.

Most annoying, too.

When I reset the date to the correct one, I could accept cookie files again.

Whatever the reason, I hope your fix is in this post. Please let us know how this resolves.

your humble TubaDiva