Resubscribed and now continually being logged out

I resubscribed earlier today and now I find that I am getting logged out every 20 minutes or so. This never happened before and I can only think of the resubscription doing it.

Is there any quick fix?

Do you have “keep me signed in” toggled? Log out and log back in again, you’ll see the question asked there.

If that is the “Remember Me” box I have it ticked. I can’t see a “Keep me signed in” box. Thanks for the help though.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of – misremembered how they phrased it.

Sorry, if that’s not it, I got nuttin’.

Thanks for the assistance anyway. I’ll try anything at the moment.

Have you tried clearing your SDMB-related cookies?

Just trying that Nametag (thanks). When I logged out all cookies were supposed to be deleted but will try again.

So far so good Nametag- that may have sorted the problem.

Been 3 hours and the problem has not re-emerged. Thanks for your help Nametag.

Tubadiver, could you please let whoever know that no action is required now?

I was logged out twice this morning, and I haven’t changed my registration status. I hope this is not a glitch or sign of board unstability!

Did you try clearing your cookies, ITD? That seems to be one of the things that works, and it does make sense – perhaps the old cookie is corrupted.

Allowing the system to set a new cookie may fix all your problems. That and my other friend, Mr. Magic Reboot. I’ve found that cures more ills than anything and it tends to work everywhere. :slight_smile:

I say all these things lightly but I am concerned about the system; I’m always concerned when you don’t get the best experience. Please let me know if you continue to have these problems after these proposed solutions have been applied.

This happened to me on three different computers this morning (two at home and again, one at work when I got in- why I been on teh board three times before 8:30 is another question!), so I’d be surprosed if all three had corrupted cookies. I will clear the other two at home later tonight, though.

The one at work had just booted up, so I don’t know if a MagicReboot would have helped!

Anyhow, seems ok now…

Mr. Magic Reboot isn’t usually so prompt on the spot when it’s the first problem of the day, but I tend to leave my computer on for days at a time. I think gremlins take up residence or something 'twixt the pixels.

Please let me know if you have problems and we’ll try to figure out what’s going on but it’s encouraging to know “so far so good” for you today.

I have the same problem at work, where I don’t want to check the “remember me” box, since the computer is shared. Does that mean that I will always have to log in again every 20 minutes? Is there any way it can “remember me” only until reboot or manual logoff?


Happened again… just now.