Being booted from the board randomly

In the last few hours I’ve been randomly booted from the board (such that I have to log back in) twice. Anyone else experiencing this? The first time I had forgotten my password and had to have it reset (no big deal), and my new password worked for the second time. But it’s weird and worrisome that I’ve been booted twice today – I’m quite certain I didn’t click “log out” by mistake.

I will not pretend to have the answer. I do have one question: are you messing with any software, (new? upload? download? upgrade? security adjustment?) that might reset or delete cookies?

Not that I know of (I’m moderately computer savvy). Does the board software keep a record of when or how someone logs off?

Sounds like a cookie problem of some sort. You might try clearing your browser cache and clearing your cookies. Note that clearing your cookies will result in you needing to log in again.

Are you having any browser issues, like losing your bookmarks, etc.? Your browser might be having profile problems which then causes it to lose track of your cookies which causes the SDMB to think that you’re not logged in.

Thanks. I’ll see if it happens again, and if so I’ll try this.

Did you offend Marley? :slight_smile:

We’re trying to get rid of you. How many times do do we have to boot you out before you get the hint?

How can we welcome you back if you don’t leave?

Are you using any kind of adblocker or anti-malware program? Some of them are extremely aggressive in removing cookies, which will of course log you out of the site.

Nope. Hasn’t happened again, so maybe just a fluke.

Maybe there is a random boot-off generator. They’re testing out the mechanism to randomly ban users (The Unseen Hand of Marley, so to speak). That way people would be sure to post with greater care and seriousness, knowing that each post could be their last words.