I seem to have no energy

I’m going to make an appt with the doctor (mainly because I’m due for a physical, including the delightful pap smear) but I seem to be tired all the time. Anyone else experience this?

My job is mentally challenging, not physically, so on busy days I’m multi-tasking like nobody’s business. I’m a manager of my department, so it is not unusual for me to get 20-30 phone calls a day and deal with requests both inside and outside my department.

But I get home, and I don’t want to do anything except change into my jammies, knit and watch some tv, then go to bed. I have caught myself looking at the clock to see if it’s not too early to go to bed.

I am asleep by 10pm and I sleep very well. But, oh, how I hate getting up!

Exercise? I’ve been trying to work out with weights, but the last few days I haven’t even wanted to do that.

There’s this little voice in my head that says I’m just being lazy, but I find it very hard to get motivated to do stuff.

BTW, I don’t think it’s low iron. I donate blood regularly and I’ve only been turned away once for low iron. Usually the blood drop sinks like a stone.

This and traffic is enough to go over to happy land (the mental ward). I know what you mean with the calls. It is very stressful. This kind of work is so much different than say, construction work. With physical work, your muscles can rebuild themselves and get stronger. I don’t think there is a mechanism in place for when your brain gets overloaded with the kind of work you do, so the only option for your brain is rest. It’s overworked, so you don’t feel like doing anything.

A suggestion though. If you consume a lot of caffeine, you need to seriously cut down by like 95%. I use to consume a lot of this crap. I gave up coffee and my favorite sodas (I still sneak a Dr. Pepper every now again though, my favorite). To my surprise, when I get home after dealing with all the chaos at work (calls, requests - non-stop), I actually want to stay up and do things. I even sleep better, and can deal with the day much better too. Of course the first couple weeks of weaning off the stuff, I was really, really tired and lazy, but it gets better. All this assuming you take in a lot of caffeine… Good luck to you.

Yes, I get this a lot.

I’ll second what ParentalAdvisory said about caffeine - it certainly hasn’t gone away since I’ve quit coffee, but it seems to have helped. All sorts of other things seem to affect it though - temperature at night, how regular my sleeping pattern is (not how much I sleep, but the regularity), etc. In terms of sleep, try forcing yourself to sleep less. I know it’s hard - I usually can’t pull it off - but when I’m sleeping only 7 hours a night I feel a lot better. Too much sleep makes me groggy, which makes me less able to deal with things, etc, which in turn makes me more tired. A bit of a vicious circle.

Another big thing is stress. This seems to affect it more than anything else. During the holidays it goes away almost entirely. Given that your job sounds rather stressful, this seems a likely cause. Unfortunately I can’t really provide any useful tips on helping with that - I’ve never been good with dealing with stress.

Things that can cause a lack of energy:

Depression (this one can be sneaky; you might say to yourself “I don’t feel depressed”, but too much of the stress hormones (especially cortisol) can play a role in throwing your system into mild depression. It’s worth keeping in mind, especially if you can find no other medical cause.)

Hypothyroidism. An endocrinologist can run a blood test to rule this out.

Good luck with the doctor’s appointment.

I don’t think it’s caffeine. I have a cup of coffee in the morning, and take my big jug of ice water to work. (The sucker holds half a gallon, and is a wonderful icebreaker at meetings.)

Thing is, sometimes I get too busy to drink from it. Could it be a simple problem of dehyrdation? Hmmmm…

I’ll try drinkimg more on Monday. I also have a problem “letting go.” I’m off two days next week, so I have to work ahead to make sure everything is taken care of. I’m also taking a week off in July…I shudder to think how my in-box will look when I return.

I was complaining about this today. I got up at 10 AM, very well rested because I was playing in a $200,000 online poker tournament at 12. I got knocked out early and by 1 I was laying down again, too tired to even read but not sleepy. I got up a couple of hours later and felt fine for about 4 hours and then felt absolutely exhausted again.

I can’t work out the pattern but for the last few months I seem to become a virtual zombie a couple of times a day. Between zombie states I’m fine.

When you see the doc ask for a CBC (complete blood count) and a check of your thyroid levels. Also you might want to try and get involved in some structured physical activity if you have trouble getting motivated to work out.

If its new, it could be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This happened to me about halfway through the school year, around January. I’d fall asleep at school, and as soon as I got home, I’d pass out on the couch. I thought that I was just tired, because teenagers are always tired. So this went on for several months, and my grades started to drop because I just couldn’t stay awake at school. Finally, sometime around the beginning of May, I finally went to the doctor and got a blood test.

It turns out that I had mono, and no one knew. I kept going to school, because hey, anyone who was going to catch it from me had already probably gotten it, and because missing school is such a hassle that I try to avoid it.

So now that school’s over I don’t feel nearly as tired (probably because I have more time to sleep. I sleep about 12 hours a day). I’m supposed to go see some infectious disease doctor, but when my mom tried to make an appointment, she was denied because I’m not 18 yet. I turn 18 in July, so she’s going to call again then. Apparently some kind of medication for herpes can be used off-label to treat mono, so we’re going to check that out.

Diabetes can also cause the same symptoms.

From what you describe, it could very well be a thyroid problem. I have had a hypoactive thyroid for fourteen years…and it started with just being totally non-energetic (read: NONE) and little to no ability to concentrate. They put me on synthroid (1.5mg a day, which is a good bit, compared to some people I know that have the same thing) and it was like a miracle cure.

Get them to check this out. It can totally change your whole way of life, if this is the problem. Just a thought.