I set off metal detectors at airports

I went to the airport to pick up my boyfriend, Cykrider, last week and I set off the metal detector. This always happens. It usually takes me removing my watch and bracelet and three or four times of walking through that thing to get through without it beeping. This time it was different. I got wanded. I had to stand there with my arms out and my legs spread while this butch woman used that little hand held metal detector to wand me. She nearly had to frisk me to see if I had any weapons strapped to my legs. She even made me lift up my top to show her that I had a belly button ring and not a gun. It turns out that a lot of piercings and body jewelry will set it off. I have several piercings in my ears, but I wear very small earrings. I also have a belly button ring and a tongue ring. I really didn’t expect that to be enough to set it off. Now I know what the problem is. I can stop asking my mother if I was in an accident when I was a child and had a metal plate put into my head.

Does this happen to anybody else?

This happens to my dad. When he was working for GM, (he’s retired) he put his hand in a press to replace the part and the press came down on his hand. (My dad can be a little stupid at times.)He almost lost his hand. They put it back together mainly with wire. Now, everytime he goes to the airport, he sets off the metal detector. The first time it happened my mother thought it was a riot. My dad did not.
Now everytime they go to the airport when they get to the metal detector my mother always says “He can set it off buck naked” to security. Then she explains how. Usually they don’t give him a hard time, because his hand is now slightly deformed. It can be a pain sometimes though, he’s had to go through the wand thing a few times.

Yeah, I used to set off metal detectors all the time (Canadian Parliament Buildings). I used to wear a subcutaneous needle throughout the day, and the pump was stored in a pouch around my waist. This pump is metal, and it would set off the metal detector each and every time I went through, and I couldn’t take it off like they request cause it’s attached! I don’t think they like me that much … :slight_smile:

I carry a lot of metal, and frequently set off detectors. I’ve found that if I place my hands over the biggest collections of metal, I set the detectors off a lot less frequently. That usually means placing one hand on my belt buckle, and the other over my left front pocket, wrist aligning with my cell phone. Works 85% of the time, and has become second nature by now.