I shit my pants. Wait, what?

Ohhh, ship. Funny Kmart commercial. Ok, yeah it’s sophomoric.

But it still made me giggle.

Vulgarity isn’t funny. I expect higher standards from K-Mart


KMart sucks, Ray.



Oh, never mind, your posts are your cite…

Shoulda’ went to S-mart. The “S” is for smart!

I don’t expect anything from K-Mart.

I didn’t find the ad funny either, but this is the third thread it’s been mentioned in. In terms of brand awareness, at least, they may be doing something right.

When you are at the bottom of the Walmart/Target/ValuCity/etc heap, desperate measures are called for.

There’s already a thread on this ad - http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=688497

And that one doesn’t have shit all over it.

It must be a king.


Holy ship that was funny!

Damn, and I did look. My searching skills are for ship.

No see, they’re saying “ship.” *Ship *my pants. *Ship *my pants. Say it out loud a few times, and it sounds a lot like-- well, you know. So I see how you could be confused about the vulgarity. But it’s totally clean.