Hilarious KMart ad

Ship My Pannts.

Yeah its juvenile, but its stil funny as hell. It’s just a internet ad, I believe, but it has the idiots over at One million Moms clutching their pearls.

Juvenile, but it made me laugh out loud.

There’s an active thread on good commercials - http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=688266

This one was posted right near the start of the thread.

The ad was done by some friends of mine, at the agency where I used to work. Potty humor!

Yeah, it delighted my inner fourth grader. “I shipped my drawers!”

I’m impressed—and a little surprised. I think the only K-Mart ads I’ve seen for a long time are “store closing.” As one local put it, K-Mart is “Like an old buffalo that ambles away from the herd to die in peace.”

I liked the ad. I like it even more now that it is pissing off One [del]Dozen[/del] MillIon Moms.

Ahhh, the group hug at the end was really sweet.

I was reading that thread and saw this ad for the first time. Didn’t even crack a smile.

I’m with you on this. The more outraged they are, the better I like it.

Ddamn! That made me Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there!

I am now hard at work linking that everyone I know!

Well you *are *a robot.