I shot a prime rib in Reno once, just to watch it bleed

My parents got married in Reno, forty-five years ago this summer. In June they are going on a trip out there, and will stay for a couple of days. I asked my father what they did their wedding night, since they eloped, and he said they went to someplace for prime rib dinner, outside of town. He can’t remember the name.

Reno Dopers (or people who’ve been there): are there any special places outside of town for prime rib? This place would have had to survive for at least 45 years, so it may well be gone, but you never know. I thought I’d read in a thread once about a prime rib place near Reno, although it might just be me misremembering.

Any help, or other dinner suggestions for that town?

Could it have been Boomtown, a few miles west of Reno on Interstate 80? It’s changed ownserhip a few times, but there’s been a casino/truck stop there since the '40s.

He didn’t mention anything about a casino, so my assumption at this point is that it’s more a standalone kind of place. But I’ll double check when I get a chance.

Ugh, Shibb, there are more steakhouses in and outside of Reno than I can conveniently remember. Boomtown was my first thought, too. There’s also the Steakhouse Grill in Sparks and the Sage Room off Hwy 50.

I thought we might have that sort of problem, and there is no guarantee of course that they went some place that was good enough to justify being in business still these many years later. But it’s worth a shot or two to find out. Never been to Reno, myself, although I’ve been up to Tahoe a number of times.