I should know better than to read this kinda thing while hungry!!

When I was a kid, we used to make some STRANGE stuff. I think the best was the “fridge” sammich. Whatever you can find. I think the most popular was:

slices raw hot dogs
peanut butter

:confused: What were we thinking? LOL

My grandfather’s favorite sandwich is peanut butter & bacon on pumpernickle.

My fav now is egg salad with mustard, fried (just the egg salad & mustard, not the bread) on white toast. mmmmm

I picked up an odd snacking combination while working in a meat packing plant in Sweden. Wassa Bread with liver wurst and sweet pickles. It’s somewhat addictive.

I also developed a taste for pickled herring and sardines.

My wife makes me leave the house when I eat any of the above items. It warming up here in Cincinnati I may be having lunches on the porch.


Hey this is my second food related post today.