I shrunk 2 inches!

When I went in the service at the age of 19, I measured 6-2 in height. The other day, I measured my height for the first time in years, and found out I am now only 6-0. Whats up with that? I’m only 37 years old, isn’t that too young to start getting shorter?
I’ve suspected for a long time that I wasn’t as tall as I used to be. I used to be able to wear pants with a 36 inch inseam, now I wear a 34 inch inseam. Also, my wife has mentioned a few times that I’m shorter than I was when we first met. I just shrugged her off and thought that since I’ve gained weight, I just appear shorter.

Anyway, I wonder whats causing this? Could it be age, or the fact that I rarely drink milk? I don’t know.

Gravity is sooooo cruel…

The shrinking is generally attributed to two things:

  • cartiledge deterioration in the spinal column. Often pinched nerves in the back and neck are the first indication.
  • reduced muscle tone. You were probably in better shape at age 19, muscle-wise.

Of course there’s also the possibility that your head’s shrinking :wink:

1)You are possessed by demons.
2)Tiny insects are eating your spine.
3)Aliens miscalculated when they prepared the ‘body’ they substituted when they stole yours.
3)You’re probably wearing your pants lower than you did at 19 due to the weight you say you gained-hence the shorter inseam.

Oh Go for number #3! Number #3 Pick #3!

Encounter any giant clouds of radioactive mist lately?


Did they round up? A friend of mine mentioned at 6’ 4 1/4 " he was judged 6’5" on the weight chart - which he never met anyway.

Hey, he was ROTC for med school - he said if they let him eat his way out, he would…he finished his tour.