I Slept For 19 Hours Today

You heard me. I went to bed last night at eleven. I fell asleep at approximately midnight. I did not wake up until seven pm. This has been a lifelong problem. I am a hypersomniac with a tendency to sleep during the day and be awake at night. I slept through most of last week ( I did manage to wake up for a party thursday). I slept through monday.

I am already pale. I’m beginning to have cravings for rare meat. I begin to worry.

That’s probably not good.

Can’t you just build some type of monster or sentient lab coat to serve as an alarm clock? :smiley:

But srsly, have you ever talked to a doc about this?

I deal with the same thing and have for the past 8 years or so. Without an alarm I typically sleep 12-14 hours per day if I had stayed up the normal 16 hours. Should I stay awake over 48 hours I’ll sleep all day (with no interruptions or phone calls). That’s at least once a week. I fucking hate it! My sleep problems are the only reason I screw myself over at work. I’ve been threw so many jobs I can’t count them like I do sheep. It’s not very easy and I don’t have insurance so talking to a doc is out of the question. Just something to live with…

I slept almost that long this weekend, but I had some help from a dose of Meprozine (Demerol plus Thorazine) prescribed to me for a painful eye problem. Did you have any chemical assistance?

I also have a form of narcolepsy that would cause me to sleep for absurdly long periods of time, but not 19 hours (12 wasn’t uncommon). I take a pill called Provigil that makes a lot of difference. If you really have had major “sleeping sickness” you should get a sleep study because there’s a lot of help available.

If I’m left well alone I can easily sleep for upwards of 16 hours at a stretch. I was husbandless and childless all last weekend and lordy, the sleeping I did. If I didn’t have to take the dog out and go to work I doubt if I’d have even gotten out of bed.

I am similar (without the craving for rare meat…all meat should be well done at all times as far as I’m concerned!) in that my body wants me to sleep for at least 12 hours at a time. On monday at work I am fine because I slept all weekend and then as the week goes on my work quality starts to take a dive until the following monday when I have been sleeping properly again.

[hijack]I thought we were friends![/hijack]

Yikes. I think I got 19 hrs sleep this week!

I find though, he more I sleep, the more I want to sleep.

I’m sure you’ve tried all the usual techniques? Caffeine, execise, less carbs, cocaine…

You can eat your food however you want, I will just think it is gross.:stuck_out_tongue:

My boyfriend and I tease one another whenever we go out to eat because he orders his meat as rare as they are legally allowed to cook it (“Just walk it through a warm room” are his cooking instructions to the waitstaff) whereas I ask them to cook it as well done as they can possibly get it (“It should be burnt on the outside” are my cooking instructions to the waitstaff) so we poke fun at eachother about not knowing how to properly order a meal.

I used to be on this stuff. It’s a very good medicine, and interesting because it’s the only known stimulant that users do not develop tolerance to. If you don’t have insurance, though, you could find it to be prohibitively expensive. I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $150-200 a month when I was on it. I had to stop taking it because my wife and I split up, and I was no longer on her insurance.

Also, I have the OP beat. There were these two days about three months back, both within a week of the other, where I slept a full 24 hours - allll the way around the clock. It should be noted, though, that not only had I been awake for over 24 hours prior to falling asleep in both cases, but that I had also taken a long-acting opiate.

That’s true. My month’s supply is in the $200 range if I paid out of pocket.

But, hopefully by this time next week we’ll all be socialist and everything will be free.:wink:

You can get the same results with a cat.

I have the reverse problem–I think I’ve slept for about 5 hours in the past two days. Oversleep is new to me.

I’ve slept that long in one stretch on two occasions, as far as I can remember. One was after my first experience of a 24-hour coach journey across Europe, something which I’ve since fully acclimatised to. The other was after the gastric part of a bout of gastric flu subsided. In other words, IANA Doctor, but that don’t sound healthy.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night. So I’ve been awake for about 22 hours now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to sleep tonight and wake up on time tomorrow morning.

Oh, and just in case anybody was worried, I am not a threat to myself or others.