I Snapped This Morning

I can’t believe I did this, and if anybody posts to this, it’ll most likely be to chastise me. But I’m coming clean.
Driving to work this morning, I see one of those shit-eating, dangerous, aggressive drivers. Weaving in and out of lanes, speeding up to cars then slamming on the brakes, this guy was totally acting like a moron. At a certain point, I decide that I’ve had enough of him and his kind. I’m sick to death of seeing people driving like this, and, by god, I’m gonna do something about it.
The guy turns into an apartment complex, and I follow him in. I park right beside him and roll down my window. I proceed to ask him where he gets off driving like that and putting my life and those of others’ at risk. In a calm and polite manner- it’s not like I was screaming because I wasn’t.
He apologized. :eek:
I left, and immediately got that adrenaline reaction, where every muscle in my body was shaking and my nervous system was all freaked out.
What the hell was I thinking? I could get shot! I’m going to get killed some day if I do this! All day long, I kicked my own ass for letting my temper get the better of me and putting myself in such a dangerous situation. I’m so glad he wasn’t a psycho and didn’t pull a gun.
:smack: :smack: :smack:
In my own defense all I can say is, I’ve been really stressed out lately.

Seems to have worked out Ok. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

One time I was driving my BMW on a pretty desolate section of a 4 lane interstate. There were very few other cars around and I was in the far right hand lane going about 70 mph. For some reason, this crappy truck with a few people in it gets closer and closer behind me until it was about 10 feet behind me at the most. I was annoyed but also very confused. After about a mile, I concluded this was some kind of sick sport to the driver. I knew that my BMW had better brakes and better exceleration that the truck so by impulse I just locked up the brakes for about half a second and then floored it. I looked in my review mirror to see the truck skidding, the person in the front passenger seat thrown against the winshield and god knows what else. They didn’t wreck but to tell you the truth, at the time, I wanted to see that truck cartwheeling off the road. I was going to the next exit anyway so I took that and calmed down.

So yeah, acting on your temper can potentially get you or someone else killed.

Just supports my opinion that people who act crazy are often misunderstood as dangerous. I think everyone drives a little mad sometimes–he might have been listening to a bunch of loud rock n roll music. You could very likely have given him a wake up call that prevents someone’s mommy, or maybe her kid, from getting horribly killed.

You have my permission to feel cool about that if you like.

You know, I actually do feel a little better about it now, Inigo.
Although this is the first time I’ve ever followed someone like that, I do have a habit of er… making trouble. If I see someone litter I’ll yell out at them “Excuse me! You dropped something!” and act all concerned about it so they’ll pick it up. I recently called CPS on my neighbor for abusing her children. I’ve been known to leave notes on people’s cars when they park so close I have to edge in sideways that say “Your mom called! She wants that money back that she gave you for parking lessons!”
My friends say that I most likely WILL get my ass beat one day, and I know that and know that it would not be good- I’m a wuss. Yet I continue to feel strangely compelled to make the world a better, safer place singlehandedly. I don’t think this is necessarily a good thing, and I often wish I could just mind my own business like everyone else.

The bast part about this thread is going to see how many more people from the “How Are You F!!!ed Up” thread come in here to cheer you on, and how many…other…people try to beat some sense into you.

I do that “Excuse me…” bit with smokers, too. In Georgia I was once stopped behind a cop at a traffic light and watched him flick the cherry off his cigarette and then drop the butt to the ground. I climbed out of my car, picked it up and handed it back to him. I want to say I made a really cool remark, but I really have no recollection about the verbal exchange. In the end, he took his litter back and I was allowed to proceed on my merry way once the light turned the appropriate shade of green.

Props to you, trublmakr, for being gutsy.

Wow. You’re my hero. Wish I could be so gutsy. If I saw you do that, I’d so cheer you!

Sure, it might get you killed, but it would be for a noble cause. You’re rectifying people’s behavior, making them better human beings. In this world of chaos you’re an element trying to make it less choatic. In my cosmology, you so totally rock!

Woohoo! Go you!


I watched a woman empty her ashtray in the parking lot of a business I frequent. It couldn’t have been more than 10 feet from a garbage can. She got out and went into a store. When she came out the 36 butts had been deposited back through a sunroof she left open. She did not look pleased when she opened the door of her Lexus, I gave her a smile and a wave as I drove by.

Could be much worse. At least you kept your temper under control, and told the guy in a manner which might actually get him to think twice about what he is doing.

OK, you’re right, I’ll chastise you.

Young lady, you could have been hurt or killed, you have no idea who that was, why, he could have just killed someone and was trying to make his getaway, you never know these days, people are insane, you never know who you’re going to come across, you should be much more careful about those things.

Now for the real stuff…

Good on you! As Inigo pointed out you never know who’s life you’ve saved in a case like that. Your friends are right, one day, someone WILL throw you a beating, but your cause is just, and again, good on you.

On my first date ever I had three, that I could see, shots fired at my car(BAD area/probably gang initiation). After that I drive VERY carefully with EVERY courtesy to other drivers.
I understand the cigarette thing though…I may smoke but I feel that lighting should strike me down if I’m unwilling to walk three steps to the garbage can to dump my ashtray.
I would NEVER confront another driver though, you either have serious balls. Or you’re an idiot(I wouldn’t expect the latter of someone here though, so,…eh, never mind)

Young lady, you could have been hurt or killed, you have no idea who that was, why, he could have just killed someone and was trying to make his getaway, you never know these days, people are insane, you never know who you’re going to come across, you should be much more careful about those things.

Um, Well I didn’t realize you are female…(newbie, can’t view profile)…You have giant
fallopian tubes? Though man,(ahem, girl) I wouldn’t do that!!! You can cut me off and I’ll say thank you!.
(I guess I’ll hide in my corner now)

One of my peeves is people who don’t have the sense to clear off the snow from their back bumpers obstructing their tail lights. When the roads are covered with snow and slicker 'n snot, I’d prefer to know when you’re going to stop.

A few years ago, I was following one such inconsiderate driver. At at stop light, I got out of my car with my snow brush and cleaned off her tail lights. I smiled sarcastically and got back in my car.

What an idjit.

Shoulda charged a quarter…set up a booth(asshole cleaning, wait…eh, maybe not)When I was a young one I went door to door charging a quarter to scrape the ice of windows/lights. An hour of hypothermia=$20…in quarters. made better money than I do at work!

trublmakr, I’m glad your protest worked out so well. Please don’t do it again, it only takes one over the edge type to make you a statistic. :frowning:

Sorry but I can’t agree. I used to do the same thing, but it’s just too dangerous. What if the person had jumped out of the car and come after you? Then what?

In some situations, it’s appropriate to point out other people’s flaws and mistakes (littering, etc). But if someone is being stupidly aggressive, why assume that they will go all meek and apologetic when you point out what an asshole they are? Not bloody likely.

It worked out this time, but please don’t do it anymore.

I’m of two minds on this one…

Mind one: People who drive crazy might be crazy, and getting killed is enough to ruin anyone’s day.

Mind two: I don’t want to live in a society where being an ass is deemed acceptable because everyone is too scared to confront you. Many people (IMO) want to be considered badasses, and driving is one easy way to express this. I think your action was more likely to save someone else’s life than end yours.

In the end I say “good for you”

Here in Baltimore, that’s grounds for an a** whupin’. But I understand the impulse.

In LA, it could get you shot.

I think what you did is rather risky, and I’m kind of unsure if it is worth it in a situation where you put your life in as much risk.

Your heart was in the right place, of course. But you never know who you are dealing with in these situations. A fellow Crossing Guard of mine was attacked and beaten by an irate driver when the guard confronted the man. He was just trying to do his job, he wasn’t trying to be a hero or anything. So to go out of your way to invite that kind of potential violence seems rather foolhardy to me. I would have gotten his license plate number and dialed 311 and issued a complaint about a reckless driver.

Personally, it would not be worth the stress and risk to have to confront some total stranger on the way to work in my case. I already have to deal with nearly getting run over by the maniacs! :eek: