I sometimes imagine I could be...

a tenor in the '20s, singing songs that make audiences cry from Boston to Belfast, Kowloon to Kentucky.

a standup comedian. But I would need to be part of a comedy team. I need a stimulous to respond to. I could be Tommy of the Smothers Brothers, or Lou Costello. I would need a straight man feeding me lines to get goofy with.

…a rock star! It’s not too late, right? I love singing. Just ask my hairbru–er, microphone. And the neighbours.

Damn. I would have worn black leather pants, too, and duetted with Springsteen.

It’s not too late. :slight_smile:

You should watch this film.
It is so good on so many levels…

Yep, I’ve seen it and IIRC it is great!