I spent the day at a "naturist" camp.

Never done that before. Interesting experience. Lots o’ naked.

Oh come on. Details, and pictures, please!

Could they tell that you were a newbie? :wink:

And yeah, we’re going to need more details.

Experienced nudist checking in.

Hope you enjoyed it. Where was it? I’ll be hitting Pine Tree outside of Annapolis for my birthday in a week. Friends just got back from Caliente outside Tampa (we went for Halloween last year and had an absolutely amazing time).

I had a “Ask the Naked Guy” thread a while ago. Any questions, just ask - I’ll be glad to help.

If you come looking for me, I’ve got a white ball cap, very dark tan, bright yellow towel, the backgammon board set up, and plenty of cold beverages.

I’m an experienced nudist, too. I run around naked in the house all the time. And showers and baths? Forget about it! Always naked in there. :smiley:

I’m naked right now, under my clothes!

<shudder> Sorry…ugly visual.

No pics of course (cameras prohibited!).
The weather was foggy here for the bay so me and my GF decided to head to drier climes. There’s a place near Los Gatos I had heard about called Lupin. We decided, ‘why not’?

After signing in we were given a map to the grounds. We drove to the pool parking lot and I was standing around thinking, “what now?” I looked over at my GF and she was already naked. In the parking lot. Well that is what we came here to do. So towel strategically in hand I headed for the pool. It was very non-erotic. Normal folks. Families. In fact, it seemed down right pedestrian.

Anyway, we found a couple of chaises and got comfy. It was very… freeing. There was a rousing volleyball game going on in the pool. Lots of bouncing parts. We were eventually asked to fill in for quitting players, which we did.

Later we hiked on one of the nature trails. She was concerned that if we were attacked by wild animals that they would go straight for the naughty bits.

Bathrooms were men/women but the showers were not.

Yes, there were attractive girls there (and yes they were nice to look at) but I never feared becoming… um…obvious about it. Overall it was a great day. The weather was perfect and the people were very friendly. We made reservations to go back soon.