I started a blog and it may turn into a job - if I can get the hang of it...

On a whim, I contacted a swimwear company about their modelling contest they have every year. I knew some women that participated many moons ago and enjoyed it very much.

Next thing I knew, I was making arrangments to write a blog/journal about my experience getting ready for next years competition (working out, building a portfolio). One problem - I am a thirty year old mom that isn’t in shape and hasn’t modelled since I was 19. I have also never written a blog before.

Anyway I have started. I may have to go back and edit if it comes across too boring, please feel free to take a look when you get a chance.

I am freaked. I am starting a “special” program tomorrow my friend the trainer is putting together. I imagine it will be horrible and painful.

I will put my link here

please be kind (but honest), this may result in a paying job - GULP

Its hard to say because you only have two entrys so far, but everyone has to start somewhere i guess.

Try and remember what it was like when you modelled, both the industry and life and times, and correspond it to what the latest crop of girls are like and stuff like that, primarily human interest stuff, till you get your bearings.