Interesting site called "Model Mahem" with amateur/pro models, photographers and makeup artists

I never knew this site existed. It’s a big site (they claim “world’s biggest”) for amateur and pro models, photographers, make up artists etc. It’s a little SDMBish in that there are also a lot of forums that have nothing to do with modeling, but are just general interest for participants.

Interesting discussions about the modeling business and lots of pics of pretty and not so pretty people who want to be models and artists.

Yeah its a good site, discovered in 2012 when I Googled the name of a chick I had just met, and it led me to her profile on Model Mayhem. As you said, many who want to each out to photographers, aspiring models and what not use it.

I didon’t read some of the threads, but those having to do with modeling. I was not aware it was like here and that threads discussed different subjects. I’ll check out the site now that you mentioned it for I have not been on it in four years.

Thanks for reminding me.