I'm going to be a model...a SUPERSTAR!!!!1@

Heh, my ex-wife (I’m not sure if I should call her that or not as we are not legally separated or anything, but it gets tiring saying ‘Soon-to-be ex-wife’ after about 8 months) has a project for one of her art classes where she has to take close-up and full body pictures of people doing something and make a collage. She asked if she could take pictures of me playing guitar, said it was either me or her daughter, and half her class is taking pictures of their kids, she thought an ex-husband would be more interesting. She said something about ‘struggling grunge musician’ as a theme which is pretty funny as my guitar playing style is very '80s.

Actually Badtz I think you probably would make a good model. You are a unique looking guy.

Thanks, I’m glad someone recognizes my handsomosity.

You’re not an angry, bitter and disaffected penguin?

Except for the penguin part, I am.

If she brings out one of those big silver fabric things for reflecting sunlight, head for the hills… those things are pure evil.

We ended up sticking a lamp on top of my computer and she got a lot of pictures from different angles. She ended up only using the B&W ones in the collage. I’m actually impressed with the final results, she has the closeup of my boots at the bottom, the closeups of my head at the top, etc., so the arrangement of the various closeups mirrors the few full body shots. The lighting was pretty dramatic, and I looked quite menacing in a few of the pictures, looked like stuff you’d see on an album cover. I’ll have to figure out how my hosting works and see if I can put a copy of it up soon.