Artists "do" need graphing calculators. My Introduction.

Heya Everyone!

Newcomer here just introducing himself to his favorite section of the SDMB. I’ve been reading this board for quite some time now, and never really had a desire to post anything. But now, I’ve finally consented to my desire. <sigh>

Most of you are absolutely hilarious, and keep me laughing during my breaks in the office every day. On top of that, for the most part, the people here are very insightful and I’ve come to respect your opinions greatly. Matter of fact, I may call on your opinions later. (Have a small problem.)

To any extent, I just wanted to introduce myself and give a friendly hello. I’m a programmer for the USAF, and work with the Pentagon/Secretary of the Air Force. Not the most important or funnest job in the world, but I love it, and it’s up there.

I’m also an aspiring musician, and play a few instruments, tho’ my instrument of choice is the vocal-chordian. (Read: I’m a singer)

Just a little about me. Thanks for your time and your hairy buffalo, and be prepared for the backwards artist to hijack each and everyone of your posts. :smiley:

Hey there Simetra and welcome to the board. Dive right in.

By the way, does the Pentagon know about your signature?

Hehe… You’d be suprised at what they do know.

“I’ll quote the bible cause there it is written, ‘If thou lovest Jesus, thou shalt kill a kitten.’”
I love Stephen Lynch.

Welcome Simetra!

Another singer among us – good deal. What kind of music do you sing?

Well thanks! Uhh, you were including me in that statement, right?

Hello Simetra, welcome, and how did you know about my hairy buffalo? I’ve tried to keep it a secret.