The SDMB Band

That would be one baaaadass band. Heavy on the horns, though.

We have Sax and Uke duking it out for 1st sax. TubaDiva playing-- what else-- the bass. Joe Cool has mentioned his prowess on a horned instrument. SqrlCub writes and has played professionally.

Cecil will buy some recording time and we’ll make a Straight Dope CD. Who wants in? What’ll we name the band and the CD.
My vote for band name: Strange Dope (what my family calls this board)
CD name: Fighting Ignorance.

I would like to lend my humble talents to this worthy enterprise.

I play poker, blackjack and the one string piano.

I would like to volunteer as the Reuben Kinkaid of this band.

can I be on drums?

p.s. lets not let aha in… he doesnt know the first thing about music or bands!

Studio Ace checking in.

Guitarist, synthesist, and producer.

I may be available.

Have your people call my people. We’ll do lunch.

My vocals aren’t the greatest but I can play the piano. I’d be happy to lend my musical talents to the band!

Regarding me and Uke duking it out for 1st chair saxophone: I’ll play tenor, he can play baritone. Chicks love baritone sax players.

What type of music are we playing, anyway?

I’ll be the groupie!

I can sing, but you got enough chirps . . . So I’ll be the music critic and write you guys up in the Times!


Anybody got a bari I can borrow? Or I could duke it out with TubaDiva over first chair tuba.

I volunteer my keyboard and/or percussion talents to this worthy enterprise. I’m also a decent singer, if not a great one, so maybe I could also do background vocals or something.

SaxFace asks:

Music to surf by. Procrastinator music. A hybrid of classical, rock, rave, folk, R&B, Hip hop, acid, New Wave, Pop and Disco.

Well, Rock on!!!

Tambourine/Go-Go Girl signing in. No real musical talent, but at least I can keep a beat.

Tambourine Girls are good. You can never have too many Tambourine Girls. Wasn’t Betty the Tambourine Girl in the Archies? Skimpy outfits required. The audition line forms on the left.

People, settle down. As your manager, I’m afraid I have some bad news. I hired some people to paint the tour bus and, well the results aren’t too good. Seem like they were all color-blind cubists or something. I’m looking into something else for transportation and I’ll let you know when I found it.

I’ll handle press conferences and backroom dealings to get us airplay, cushy gigs, great media exposure, and big paydays. Oh sure, it might mean I will receive under the table money, all expense paid trips, and a lot of press but I am willing to bite the bullet so the rest of you can pursue your musical dreams.

I can play the Clarinet, or be the auxilary.

Ummm, RECEIVE money? Mulli, if you want that review in the Times, you’re gonna have to kick over with the cocaine and blow-jobs, y’know . . .

Or, better yet, come over and paint my apartment.

Hey, can I be the psychotic obsessed fan? Or is that considered being a “groupie”?

Not that I’m implying Moosie is crazy or anything…(ducking)

Background vocals, keyboard, percussion. I’m adequate on a trap set, but I can play vibes, xylophone, timpani.

Do we get uniforms with a shiny gold braid on the coat and big red stripe running…

Sorry, got into Music Man mode for a second there.