So you think you can model

I’m coming to the point in my artistic education where I need to learn how to draw humans. Right now I am just concentrating on faces. The problem is, I’m having a hard time asking potential models. If I ask my friends, it will seem weird. If I ask my coworkers, it will seem skeevy. If I get pictures off the internet, it will seem strange and stalkerish.

But for some reason I have no compunctions about asking you guys. :eek:

So what say you? Want to be immortalized?

What I’m asking you for is a digital photo of your face. Don’t matter if’n you’re real purdy or butt-ugly, manly man or wimmin-folk, old or young (yes, I’ll paint your child), bald or hairy (though I prefer hairless chins), plain or peanut. In fact, more varied faces mean better learning on my part.

If you send me a photo, I can’t guarantee that you’ll see the final result, or even that I’ll do you at all, but I’ll try my best. I will promise that I won’t display the work to anyone unless I get your permission first. And I’ll do my best to flatter you.

What I am looking for:

-A clear, well-lit face
-A decent sized and high-res picture
-Any facial orientation, but for now profiles and front views are prefered
-Any hair style, but naked ears are prefered
-Full body shots are OK, as long as the face is clear

What I am not looking for:

-Tiny, obscure, or blurred faces
-Photos that are too light, too dark, or distorted (i.e. “fish-eye”)
-Back of the head views
-Obscenity (OK, I’m flexible on that)
-Drunken group party shots

In other words, I need photos that are a replacement for a live, posed model.

So, want to become immortal?

Fine – say we had such a pic – how would we get it to you?

Sorry it took so long for me to reply – In reading your question I decided to change the e-mail address in my profile. This essentially made me lose all of my posting priveledges until I could respond from a computer that I’m just now sitting down at. :rolleyes:

Send them as attachments to nealtodd at comcast dot net. Make the title of the e-mail “SDMD pictures”, so I’ll know it’s not spam.