I started a quilting class tonight.

And I’m so excited - it was my birthday gift from my MIL, and it’s part of the city schools’ community education classes. I went tonight, scared to death, like I always am of new situations, and really enjoyed it! There are only two other women taking the class, and I’m the ‘baby’ - the only one who hasn’t already raised kids and been married for years. So I suspect they enjoyed that.

We’re making a four block sampler, and I’ve already decided to do mine in yellow, green, purple, and ivory - to hang in our first baby’s nursery.

I’ve been sewing quilt tops for a year or two now, and just finished a quilt for someone here on the Dope, but I know my technique leaves a LOT to be desired, so I’m looking forward to learning everything over again and learning it correctly.

For anyone who quilts, my first block is going to be a London Roads.


Yay for you. I was the only person under forty when I took my first quilting class, in college. Man, those were some wild women!

My first couple of quilts don’t bear close inspection, but lately I’ve picked up enough tips and tricks that it looks like I actually know what I’m doing. Hint: quilting thread is for quilting, not hand-piecing.

Good luck!

Elza B, that’s very cool! I used to do a little quilting, but I’ve given it up because I was never very good at it. My mom is finishing the last quilt I started (Irish Chain).

Heh - I found that out the hard way:).

Thanks! I’m already really excited - I’m going to go get my materials tonight!


Fabric Shopping. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
There’s nothing better.