I Started a Thread That Started My Location Changing...

Occasionally, I have changed my “location” in my user profile. I’d expect my older posts to show the old location(s), but they reflect the updated info! Why? One would expect all data within a post to be “fixed”. Or…!

Does the old location get overwritten once I re-post within the same thread? For example, if I started a thread “A”, then I change location in my profile, and then I re-post in thread “A”…is that when it happens? As opposed to all threads changing instantaneously once I update my profile? Hmm… :dubious:

Also, does this mean when I change sigs, the old posts will show the new sig? I never noticed until now… How embarassing to change sigs with everyone watching me! :wink:

  • Jinx

Yes, all that information extraneous to the body of the post is “dynamic.” That is, it is generated on an “as-needed” basis. Only the actual body of the post is “static.”

This also applies to post count, name, and user status (member, charter member, banned, etc), and presumably to join date (if there were any way for it to change). All of these are stored with the user ID number, not with the individual posts.

Also, if you search for a thread you started under a different user name (prior to a name change), it’ll have your old name as the thread starter.