I Locationed - Have you? A thread with a Community Benefit

Hi folks - Just like vBulletin, Discourse has a place for you to enter your location. Which will be displayed if somebody clicks on your avatar. Try mine and look just below the big pink/purple L.

Back in vBulletin most of us put something in the location in our profile. Some as a joke, most as legit info. During the conversion to Discourse that info was not transferred. So nearly everybody now has a blank location. And nearly everybody doesn’t know that, and also doesn’t know that they can see others’ locations if they click their avatars.

In concert with Mod @What_Exit we’re trying to get the location snowball rolling and growing. So …

Click your avatar, choose the Preferences link from the top menu, then the Profile link from the left menu and put something in location. Ideally something sensible that’ll give your fellow Dopers some IRL context to your posts. Scroll down far enough to see and click the [Save Changes] button.

Then come back here and post “I Locationed!” or some other witty saying and we can all admire your handiwork.

Note the “About me” box is a great place for a joke, a sig, a tagline, a motto or other silliness.

Having location be truthful, even if vague to conceal your IRL identity, would be nice. That’d be cool and hip; not dipsticky.

Ready, set, go!

I Locationed. Same one I’ve used for over a decade I believe:
Central Jersey but close to Bree

I have self-located. :slight_smile:

@Ben My Mom was from there. But that was a suburb long long ago and far far away.

@LSLGuy: I always maintain that I live in Illinois, but I’m from Wisconsin, despite the fact that I moved to Illinois in 1989. :smiley:

I’m a Jersey Guy, but deep down I still have a few of my NYC roots. And I’ve been in New Jersey for almost 50 years.

I know my place in the universe, and have now self-located.

I had already mentioned my location. Here’s a picture from New York Times:

I locationed when we moved over to the new board.

I also filled out the “About Me” section, but didn’t see a good place to fill out my interests, and so left them out. Maybe I can add them to the “About Me” section.

I think it’s a great idea for everyone to add their location. It helps put people’s posts in context. (For example, are they in the U.S. or not? If in the U.S., what part of the country?)

Well so far you win the title for coolest location! I haven’t been there, but it’s on my list.

Maybe one day, on the way to Italy. :slight_smile:

I locationed! (Maybe ambiguously, but I always looked on the location field as a fun little feature, that we could play around with. :grin: )

Good thread.

I am located.

I agree, mine does narrow it down quite a bit but also shows my affinity to Middle Earth.

@susan. Not quite. Your public profile is hidden. Which means you can see it but we can’t.

On your user page, select “Preferences” from teh top menu, then “Interface” from the left menu. Then uncheck the box “Hide my public profile and presence features” and click [Save Changes] at the bottom.

If there’s some fact you want to keep secret, like your birthday or website or something, just don’t fill that info in.

Or not of course; you’re free to play along or not as you choose.

Nicely done. Nuthin’ much but wasteland at either end of your description and a fine bundle of civilization near the center.

I’ve been locationed for some time now.

I’d like to also encourage people to fill in an actual location, even if vague. There are quite a few threads in which knowing where somebody is, at least within a few hundred miles, is very useful; and I can’t keep in my head who has mentioned it somewhere, at some time, in all of these threads and where they said they were.

And Northern Piper, hate to tell you, but I had to google up Victoria Island and find it on a map in order for your description to mean anything to me; and that still doesn’t tell me which country you’re in.

– I think I’ll adjust mine in my profile to make it clearer to people who may be across the planet from me.

I’ve narrowed it down.

But have you Locationed?

As small as Turlock is, I’d say he’s just about outed himself. The pin on my map almost got him in the britches.

Might be a little too much of a good thing. Unless of course he’s really from some other CA Central Valley burg and Turlock is just part of his sekrit alter ego identity.