I want 'location' back.

It’s been a little while since the new board surfaced and we were told to hold our horses, becaue the change would be gradual. Well, of course. But I really, really want location back, maybe as part of that drop down thingie when you click a username. The only other way is to check someone’s profile, which puts a strain on the hamsters.
Also, how hard can it be that one has to click to get the sig, as opposed to uncheck, so it doesn’t? Seeing that higher beings on this board, such as Lynn* has problems with this too (check her sig) I think this is an annoyance for most users.

If this is the humbly and respectfully put-to-the-powers-around-here petition for the return of “Location”, please add my name to it.

At the risk of being Pitted for a Hated Response [sup]TM[/sup]:

“Me, too!”


The location field has been back for awhile. A few days at least, I think? Anyway, it’s definitely back now.

I must be dense tonight. Where, Alereon?

It’s been back for ages! Look in the upper right hand corner of the posts.

Not where I can see it. I have to go to the dropdown menu ander the username and then open a new window, killing a hamster in the process. I don’t knwo the amount of posters from outside the US, but my gut feeling is around 30%. Knowing from which POV a poster writes adds a lot of understanding, especially in D or the Pit.

There is nothing visible in the upper right-hand corner relating to location, ruadh. Am I being whooshed, here?

Yours says:

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Maybe you have to tick something in your User CP to show it? I dunno.

Well, while I’m glad you can see my location, I’m bummed that I still can’t see anyone else’s. And I can’t see where the CP has an option for this. Anyone know, I’d be grateful.

Maybe it’s related to the browser you use? Or maybe it’s the style ýou’ve chosen at the pull-down menu at the bottom of the page? I can see Location in SDMB vBulletin 3 style, in Internet Explorer.

I can see the locations now, but it’s related to the style I use for the Forum Skin. Right now, I’m in “Straight Dope Message Board vBulletin 3 Style.”

Yup, thanks, Tusculan. Didn’t see your post in time. :slight_smile: Still – that isn’t the standard skin, is it? I thought the SDMB was doing their own scheme?

And this Wolf continues to experiment. Okay. “Standard” is the Vb 3 skin anyway. No SDMB colours, the way it was when the version was first change over. So, either we have SDMB up there in lights, at the moment, and no locations, or stay in the “standard” format, no SDMB colours, but we can see where everyone’s from.

Still keep my sigbature on that petition, folks. I’d like, if possible, the locations with the SDMB colours, please.

OK, so changing the style brings up location. OTOH, now the post don’t re-size, when I change the size of the browser window.
Still, I prefer to be able to see location.

I have it set to “bright links” (which doesn’t seem to change the color of the links, AFAICT :dubious: ) but which does display location in upper right, as specified by ruadh.


  • Location isn’t in the postbit of the “Straight Dope” style, which includes SDMB-spoecific graphics and colors.

  • Location is shown in the postbits of other styles, which are stock vBulletin templates without SDMB-specific graphics and colors.

Not speaking for the others, but I think they want to see location in the postbit for the Straight Dope style.

Apart from the fact that I don’t exactly know what a “postbit” is, elmwood – yes, I think you’re onto it nicely.

Testing location…

I’m with you Ice Wolf. I like the Straight Dope Style and miss the location field. I guess it is harder to do than it seems.