Poster location not transferred with our move

It seems that the location posters had in their profile on the old dope were not brought along with us to this new place. You can add your location in your profile and I have done that and now it comes up when someone clicks my avatar. So, I would like to encourage everyone to add their location (or their witty remark that they had in the location field). So many times, knowing someone’s state at least or part of the country would help in understanding a post, so I’d love it if informative locations were used. I wonder if someone could make some sort of announcement that your location was not transferred and you could add it in your profile.

Done! Thanks for the advice. Now I can stop mentioning where I live in every post where it might be relevant.

you might ask a mod for a new title saying something " heres how you can add your location" or soemthing like that

How do you add a location? I can’t seem to find any such field.

Click on your avatar: Account -> Preferences -> Profile

I did. Can’t find it. ETA: never mind. Found it now.