Is there any way to show "location" anymore?

Don’t know if this is ATMB or Site Feedback: is there a way to show location in the new platform? I miss those little glimpses of where posters were from.

If you work your way down to your profile, you can load a location.
But we have no skin I’m aware of that shows it like vBulletin did. You have to click the user profile to see it.

To get to Profile: Click your avatar in the upper right corner, click the little person icon (preferences), the select preferences then select Profile.

So I just double checked, once location and other Bio info is loaded, just a single click on a users icon shows it. Try mine.

So it is more convenient than checking a Guest’s location and less convenient than a member’s on the old software.

Mine’s loaded too and has been for some time.

The problem is that the data was not transferred from vBulletin and the vast majority of our long time users haven’t seen fit to go fill out the Profile tab of the Preferences section of their user page. Our dear OP included.

I’d bet that many (most?) are unaware that page even exists to be filled out. One of the challenges with any IT migration is doing the job just thoroughly enough to make your users think you did it all for them.

I don’t know whether it’s practical (or even desirable) to somehow alert everybody to the existence of that page and invite folks to fill in what they’re willing to share.

That’s why I’m asking! Techno-peasant, remember?


My point (as I’m sure you gathered) wasn’t to hold you up to ridicule. It was that, even armed with interest in the topic, you hadn’t stumbled on how to do it. You’re not a techno peasant; you’re simply a typical user. Or, more precisely, you may well be a techno peasant, but there’s nothing unusual about that among our user base.

Regardless of why, the evidence is that adoption will need a helping hand from TPTB.

The value of the feature only emerges when a) many/most people have populated it, and b) many/most people know how to retrieve it. Either / or is practically useless.

Said another way we’ve got a chicken and egg problem. Which is another sort of problem that calls for the leadership to do some pump-priming and log-rolling to bring a critical mass of participants into it.

Maybe we need a Thread Game or something to raise awareness: “I locationed; have you?”

I like that idea. I would encourage you to do that and would be willing to help with it if you need any.

Thanks for that; I hadn’t realized it, and if we can get enough people to load some sort of location it becomes really useful.

(I had realized that clicking on the icon brought up a batch of stuff, but it’s kind of a busy batch of stuff, and a lot of people don’t have location filled in; so I hadn’t realized that was somewhere in the batch.)

– I find it is often very useful to have some rough idea of where in the world somebody’s posting from; and I can’t keep track of where everybody is; so anything that will encourage more people to include this (and not in the joke fashion so common on the old version) is IMO a good idea.


Saw it and 1st reply. Thank you.

Thank you!

Now to watch it sink like a stone unnoticed into the primordial ooze at the bottom of the category.

I hate that it didn’t survive the switch to Discord, because it really helps when people write things like “Can you imagine? It’s 40º here today!”

With no clue as to where they are… is that cold? (for Hawaii it might be)… Or warm (for Nova Scotia)… Or hot (could be 40 celsius).

You should load yours. :slight_smile: