Location question....

Is it rude or inappropriate for me to list my location as “M’boro/Dixion Springs”?

Because this board is multi-national I wonder if maby I’m insulting international members by not listing my location as, “Tennessee, USA”. Or is it alright to assume that everyone knows where am and that I’m not here to only talk to Americans?

Just wondering because I noticed a lot of members in the USA do that, while members in other countries do not.

Sorry if this was lame. :slight_smile:

I’m behind door number two. I assume everyone knows where that is.

Nope, got no problems here with that location you propose, ** cbm77**. I like to put my country of origin just to stand out a bit from the swag of American and European Dopers here.

Don’t worry about it. A lot of people don’t put anything at all resembling a location.

ok thanx! I’m just trying to learn the ropes.

Ah, yes, learn the ropes, grasshopper.

But be cautious with them, lest you hang yourself.

My location is true wherever in the world I am. :wink:


I often wonder why our members’ location is so often left blank.


While I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t have that as a location, I think that it would not be a good idea to assume everyone knows where it is. If you post to one of those “What’s so great/lousy about your state/country?” threads, you should go ahead and say where you are.

My location is an outright lie, and I have yet to have anyone say anything about it.

My location is totally made up. Nobody’s said anything about it to me so far, either.

Is my location accurate? It certainly is. I guess you had to be there.

ok then, why do you dopers submit your location as such?

Not trying to be nosey…Just curiouse. :wink:

Because we’re incurable smartasses?

Aside from us boring folk that stick to expected stuff (“Auckland, New Zealand”. Feel free to yawn and fall asleep now. :)), from what I’ve seen others use the location part of their profile, since it’s been visible on the messageboard forums, as another part of their individuality, along with sigs. It’s quite cool, actually.

Hmmm…now I feel inspired to put something in mine. Hold on a sec…

Well that’s just pathetic. sigh

NO! Ellis Dee, I think it is very exciting…

Ice Wolf I think you are very exciting because of your riff. Thats why I asked in the first place. It really makes no sense to me why some hide their individuality.
And I have looked at your website and am curiouse.

I’m just trying to rethink my profile and perhaps figure out a better way to express myself. I really like how people express themselves in this board and in this thread. It’s neat to me.