Damn you and your smarty-pants "location" entry.

The “Location” entry is being abused by far to many of you, darnit! I want to know where you are, not that you are in the state “of denial”. There are many threads where this makes a difference, and your silliness ads only confusion and chaos.

For shame.

waits for the immediate editing of hundreds of profiles

Because “Royal Oak, Michigan” sounds boring…

Because “Dislocated” is a funny and obscure Terry Pratchett reference. But I must say changing my location would aid (hopefully; I don’t know how many people read the location before posting) in getting people to stop assuming I’m American.

OK, so roughly 75% of the board’s population is American. But damn it, I write “colour” and “grey” and “labour” and “defence”. I say “pavement” and “fellow” and “motorway” and “autumn”. Can’t you at least assume I’m British? Is that too much to ask?

For Your Reading Pleasure

*Warning: Take your blood pressure medication before opening link

So I can keep my location but I have to change my name?

Here in the Kingdom of Butter, we thrive on confusion and chaos.

And butter, obviously.

My location entry places me to within three miles. All you have to do is figure out where it is.

My location is in general no-one’s business. If it’s pertinent to the thread in question, I’ll mention it then.

When I moved overseas I changed my location from something silly to the current, truthful description. I figured it might occasionally be relevant. Unfortunately, in threads actually dealing with Japan no one ever seems to notice. I remember one where someone explained to me that there are a lot of animated movies made in Japan. Gosh, thanks for that amazing cultural insight!

But I just changed mine so it wouldn’t be so boring!

That said, cover the UFO part and you have where I live.

Priceguy, why do you hate America??? :wink:

Because the Li’l Abner reference characterizes my neighbors very well, except they’re not as honest, albeit slightly cleaner.

'cuz he’s British… duh :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in Ohio. It’s boring. I didn’t want my location to be boring.

Of course, only anyone who knows the show or has read the book “Wicked” will get it, but still…


Mine ties into the handle.

And as a pal once told me…“It’s not that no one will get it…it’s that the right people will get it.”

All roads lead here.

I used to have “Olive Branch MS” for my location. You don’t know where that is, do you? AFAIK only one Doper does, because he has a cousin down the road in Byhalia. I’m guessing that most people think “Memphis” when they see “stuck inside a mobile” (I’m not stuck inside of Mobile, but I wanted to pay tribute to Memphis and to Bob Dylan and his fine song). Olive Branch MS is a suburb of Memphis.

So you always know where I am.

My location description reveals my political bias–which is surely more useful to know in a thread than my physical whereabouts–but it also indicates my literal location if you make the not-too-difficult leap to “left coast.”

Mine simply reflects my 1980s sensibility.