I Stayed Up All Night but I Can't Go To Sleep

Argh, I pulled an all-nighter to finish a poster for a poster presentation, only to realise at 6:30 in the morning that I don’t have any colour ink for my printer. Now I can stay up for another hour and a half and then I can go on campus get breakfast and print my pages up for my poster. Or I go to sleep, wake up grouchy in 3 hours. And then frantically rush around getting things printed up and looking nice. Another 2 weeks and this’ll be all done. Well except for the exams.

So, anyone want to hear about drinking water contamination in the great province of Ontario?

Or any other university students want to talk about their all-nighters?

I suggest the song Night Shift by O.A.R. for this. Mine usually came when a game of Civ 3 just got too out of hand, so nothing real interesting to share.