I stepped on a dead mouse

This morning, at around 4:00 AM, I awoke to go to the bathroom. On the way there, I stepped on something slimy.

I thought my cat had crapped on the floor. I sighed, and looked to see what was underneath. It wasn’t cat feces, but worse.

To my utter horror, it was a dead mouse. The gunk on my foot was mouse blood and entrails.

Wingnut must have dragged it in as a “present”. I unceremoniously scooped up the mouse and disposed of the carcass.

I spent the next several minutes vigorously scrubbing my hands and feet. :eek:


Bacteria-laden, slimy, cat poo-doo, you’re okay with?
But a furry tiny animal (like Pikachu) freaks you out?

And I sure hope **Wingnut ** is your cat.

I stepped on a frog once. Barefoot.

Just felt like sharing.

Actually, he may have been a toad. Or toed, perhaps.

I stepped on a live mouse in the bathroom one morning.

Next thing I knew, I was standing on the bathroom counter going "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" and the mouse was deceased.


My boss once told me a story of how he, as a boy, was running barefoot down a dirt path near his house, when he stepped on a snake. The animal became caught between his big toe and the one next to it, and writhed around as he tried to shake it out of there.

He retains a strong aversion to snakes.

Have had both Blalron’s and Broomstick’s experiences.
Stepping on a deceased rodent is definitely preferable.
These days, our kitty is quite aged and has slowed down, thus the mice have figured this out. :frowning:

Waitaminute . . . You have a cat, and you walk around in the dark barefoot? That’s why I always have bedroom slippers next to my bed . . .

Yeah, well I see your mouse entrails and raise you one rotting evicerated mouse inside the toe of my shoe for at least two weeks before I could find it. No, I wasn’t wearing the shoe during that time. And no, I have not worn it since.

My phone rang at 2 in the morning once and the ONLY time I trundled sleepily downstair WITHOUT my slippers on was th eONE night a huge SLUG decided to venture across my livingroom carpet…

(Ever had slug innards squish between your toesies? It AIN’T nice!!!)

I got tired of either waking up to see a little dead mouse looking at me from my pillow, or swinging my feet over the side of the bed to go squitch on a mouse that I trained my cat to take his softwetcrunchy toys and eat them in the bathtub. Every time I saw him coming in the door with a mouse or bird, i would grab him and drop him into the bath tub and slide the door shut. After about 2 weeks, I started finding dead mouse bits or feathers in the tub = ) After we got another kitten, he apparently trained her to do it the same way because she will take her little yellow earplug in her mough, and jump into the tub and play with it, and she has taken live mousie into the tub and played with them [but she wont kill or eat them, she just plays with them :rolleyes: ]

Remember the five-second rule: If you pick up a dead mouse five seconds after you drop it on the floor, it’s still safe to eat!

Do you want to know what’s worse than waking up in the middle of the night only to find that the cat you thought was snuggling up to you underneath your quilt was in fact a dead rat? Turning on the lights to find that it is in fact HALF a dead rat that you were snuggling up to. :eek:

Ours have brought in all number of things over the years, bats that were still alive, dragging rabbits almost as big as them in through the cat flap, but that was by far the ickiest!