I, Strain, have eye strain.

So, I went to the gym to do my back and biceps tonight. And what do I injure? My freakin’ right eye. I don’t know exactly how I managed to do that. It was probably from trying to check out two girls simultaneously while running on the treadmill. So, yeah, I suppose I deserve it. But my headset’s busted and there was nothing good on TV, so I had to do something to keep me entertained. Now I’m just doing my damnedest not to move my eyes; I feel like a robot.

Yes, this was a goofy, rambling post, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for the stupid thread title.

great thread title!

maybe next time you should just pick one girl to ogle :smiley:

Poor baby, but shouldn’t you be a bit more discreet about checking out girls? I mean, doesn’t it take quite a lot to strain your eyes?


Well, the treadmill is on the second floor loft and the girls I look at are on the first floor and that railing gets in the way not to mention that first floor ceiling. ::Sigh:: They just make it so difficult.

I too, have strained eyes and am in the same predicament as you. Although my eyestrain is a flu by-product - not from oogling women.

Everytime I move my eyes, a thunderous sickly pain washes through my entire frontal lobe. Yesterday I had to drive. That was the worst. Today I’m staying in front of the computer. Eyes forward.

Look out post count.

F.P. Kitty, it depends on the girl one is ogling. I’m sure you’re be worthy of a Tex Avery style, howling wolf, bugeyed, boinging leer but it can be extremely painful.

(or, at least more embarassing.)

I was eye~flirting with a cute guy in a pickemup truck at a light once. When the light changed, I was so fixated with his cute blond surfer guy smile that I side swiped a traffic signal pole while turning & looking back at him.

Feh. Thank God he was headed in the opposite direction.