I survived the dentist! Woohoo!!

… and all I need is some antibiotics (for now).

Yes, that pesky wisdom tooth does need to come out and is the cause of my current toothache, but the dentist says it’s just an infection and the antibiotics should clear it up in a few days. I have a referral to a surgeon to get the wisdom tooth removed once and for all, and I guess it has had eight years more than it was supposed to.

Best of all, I’ve discovered that this new dentist rocks - I first became aware of this when I lay back in the chair, looked up - and saw a Simpsons poster on the roof above me! Although he promised me a prize if I found Snowball II, and failed to deliver. He was very good and put me at ease, and congratulated me on my bravery when it was done. :wink:

Anyway, yay for me! I survived the dentist!

Cool, I was worried about you.

Good to hear you’re not traumatised :slight_smile:

Cazzle, you are far braver than I …

Congrats Cazzle, on surviving the dentist. It’s nice to know there are some cool dentists out there! I’d love my dentist to have that Simpsons poster on his roof - my dentist said he considered finding an Escher poster for the roof, but thought it might freak too many people out! So I have to make so with a beach and palm scene.

I hope your tooth infection isn’t an occuring one - too many infections means a tooth must go out! (Ouch). Thankfully, when i had mine out (all 4), I went to hospital (mine weren’t your regular wisdom teeth - the roots had curled around the nerve) - I’d die if I had to be awake with them ripping my teeth out! It was bad enough having a root canal done!

Thanks guys. It’s tough being the bravest person on the face of the Earth - but someone has to do it.

Hoping these antibiotics kick in soon, because paracetamol just isn’t cutting it anymore…


I hate dentists. You are definitely stronger than I am. Even that little hook/pick thing they use to scrape the plaque off your teeth is … ::shudder::

Way to go. Glad to hear you made it out all right.