I talked to a murder suspect...

…after he nearly hit me with the car he was driving.

On my way to my coaching job this morning, just tooling along when an oncoming car started drifting over the line towards me.

I was lucky that a driveway was immediately accessible(rural road) and I made a quick swerve. He followed, obviously fixated on my headlights. A brave telephone pole gave it’s life by intervening.

The impact sheared off the pole and the car spun almost a full 180 before coming to rest partly blocking the lane. After checking on the driver, I called 911. Meanwhile, he crawled out the passenger door, appearing to be in shock or high(or both). About this time a passing firefighter stopped to assist, prompting an agitated response from the driver.

He started babbling about warrants and not going to jail and asking if we’d be cool if he ditched his three eighty (.380 pistol). At the first sounds of approaching sirens, he fled.

Fire and EMS were first to arrive followed by County Sheriff a few minutes after.
Description given including the possible firearm(It was never clear if the gun was in the car or on the person). Highway Patrol showed a few minutes after that. Soon after, the rifles came out and that’s when i found out he was wanted on a murder in a neighboring county.

Manhunt ensues with dogs and helicopters and surrounding intersections blocked off. Eventually got reports of attempts to beg rides and seen cutting through properties.

Spent almost 3 hours on scene as I needed to wait for officers from the other county to interview the two of us.

So how did your 4th start?

Wow, just wow!!

Well, I’ve been up for 48 hours, trying to stay one step ahead of the law, had a fifth of whiskey to calm my nerves and was driving down the road, I guess I nodded off… crashed my damn car… Now I’m in a Starbucks, trying to keep a low profile… Damned cops everywhere…

So, are you enjoying your new .380?

I saw a hummingbird this morning.
Top that.

I ate an apparently tainted seafood dish yesterday and it wanted out early this morning while I was asleep. Changing sheets at 4AM sux.

Jeez louise. Glad you’re okay.

(ARE you okay??)

The thing is a fucking Jennings.

Yes, although the hummingbird did startle me a bit.
Thanks for asking.

No joke, I’ve been challenged by those little monsters if I’m too close to the feeder we have hanging up.

Totally unscathed. Fortunately.

I’ll come by to get my three eighty from ya. Where do you live?

Honestly, when I think of how your mama worked hours without rest because she wanted you to have the best, and now this…

Oh well, I guess Mama Tried.

I just now went through an earthquake in Anaheim. It lasted for a little under one minute. No damage . Haven’t been able to find any data from USGS yet.

I came to post the same thing from Las Vegas, kaylasdad. Looks like it was about 60 miles NW of Barstow, about 11 miles from Ridgecrest. 6.6 is what I’m reading.

6.6 under Ridgecrest, like Bo said. Felt it goodly down here in the IE. Facebook lit up while the quake was still going on because it lasted a bit.

Sometimes, I keep my front door opened, and once I thought a GIANT bumblebee was trying to fly in the house. Turned out to be a hummingbird looking all black because it was silhouetted against the light.

But this morning? EARTHQUAKE!!!

What if the hummingbird has a three eighty? Then what?

EARTHQUAKE!!! ensues.

Oh yeah - well I’ve seen 3! :stuck_out_tongue:

Coach - glad you’re ok. Can you give the name of the intersection? I used to live up that way and I’m nosy. :o