I think Czarcasm was heavy-handed in the IMHO astronaut food thread


This isn’t so much a rant as a comment (and the pit is the place for any comment on moderator actions).

I just think Czarcasm made a knee-jerk reaction to what is in fact a rather clever and witty piece of writing. I’d have chosen it if I were writing the letter - it appeals to me for the same reasons as do the writings of Roald Dahl (not that I’m suggesting Argent Towers is a literary genius, but I don’t see any harm in encouraging kids to see the ridiculous side of human endeavour.

In conclusion, I suggest that Argent Towers’ response was not ‘totally off topic’ and Czarcasm’s intervention was fussy, unnecessary and mistaken.

I disagree. Argent Towers’ response was an unneccessary hijack that did nothing whatsoever to answer the OP.

Snarky response by Argent Towers, with enough political overtones that it was guaranteed to garner responses that would continue the hijack.

Good modding, IMHO.

I agree with Uvula Donor and John Carter of Mars. It was an unprovoked political snark in the middle of a happy and pleasant IMHO thread.

I would have reported it myself if I hadn’t scrolled a bit and notice the pre-existing Mod warning. And I don’t think the Mod warning was heavy-handed at all.

Czarcasm did a good job of nipping a bad hijack in the bud.
Boy, that’s a confusing mix of metaphors.

Well I thought it was funny. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit over the top… and certainly a hijack ! Funny too.

If it were in GQ then it would be wrong. Still the Mod wasn’t wrong… or right.

Oh well, I guess if you guys thought it was snarky and political, there’s an even chance that others would have thought the same and maybe that would have resulted in a hijack. I thought it was a cleverly written and thought-provoking piece; just the sort of thing I’d like my own kids to read; even if they end up totally disagreeing, they’ll understand why.

Do you really think that would be an age-appropriate response to a kid who needs to have the phrase “astronaut food” explained to it? :confused:

I dunno.

I read it and it reminded me of playing Paranoia back in junior high. I laughed my ass off.

Yes, I really do; My kids are of similar ages - I’m currently reading Roald Dahl with them, much of which as I said, is written in a similar sort of style of mocking ridicule.
Kids (or mine, at least) actually seem to find it quite stimulating if you mock something that is established or commonplace - it makes them question for themselves why it’s there.

Tell you what; tonight, I’ll make some mock astronaut food out of something or other tonight (or maybe tomorrow, as I’m going out for a curry tonight) and I’ll put it in a little ziplock bag with Argent Towers’ words, verbatim, on a printed label. I’ll let you know what my kids think of it.

<bursts into song>
Tonight…tonight… :smack: