I think I have just cause to kill my boss

In keeping with the anti-work-based-authority rants that have been proliferating here, I am posting my own tirade aganst my boss. I’d’ve done it anyway with the week I’ve had, but at least it’s good timing.

Let me list the charges against her.

1.) Breaks. Or, more accurately, lack thereof. I haven’t had a single break while I’ve worked for her (and it’s been 3 months now). I’m allowed to go to the bathroom, and to turn my lights off if I’ve left them on. That’s it. Additionally, meals, if I need one (and with my hours, I do) are to be eaten while working. I work 4-5 hours some days, and am doing two 8 hour days this week. 8 hours without breaks REALLY sucks.

2.) Hours and Payment. She advertised on a college career website for a college student. She got a college student. She wanted 20 hours a week. I gave her the hours I could work. She always wants more. She’s encouraged me to BLOW OFF CLASS so I could work for her. She’s asked me to work the night I had a big paper due saying, “well, you write well, it won’t take you long” because she wanted me to work late that night. Fuck that! I can piss out an article for your paper on some stupid local event; a theology research paper is a LITTLE different. School comes first; if she’s willing to hire me full time without a degree, pay me at least 20K/year and give me benefits, then I might consider giving her priority. As it is, I’m getting paid $5.50 an hour. This is the least I’ve been paid my entire life. For doing something similar last year, I got $10/hour. I’m not a trained monkey; this is labor that requires skills that she didn’t even have to train me for (proficiency in a fucked-up computer program with about 800 bugs). And she’s paying me less than I’d get for slinging hash at McDonald’s.

3.) Holidays. She told me when she hired me that she wanted me to work the Friday after Thanksgiving. I said okay, and, because I was planning to be here, I made plans to feed someone’s pets. Last Monday–a week and a half before turkey day–she said she didn’t want me to work. I said, okay, but I’m going to be in town anyway. Today, I got an email saying that I’m no longer needed to feed the pets. I tell her this. She now wants me to work. This in addition to the fact that I am currently staying in the lounge of a residence hall that I don’t live in in order to work here. All the cafeterias are closed. It’s costing me more in food to stay on campus than I’m getting from her paying me. And she doesn’t fucking care.

4.) Pets. Her pets are often in the house, and half the time she can’t be bothered to shut them out of the office part of her house. The cats I don’t mind. They pretty much just jump on the spare computer chair and nap. The dog, however, I do mind. She’s a mid-sized dog, and just barely out of puppyhood. She wants to PLAY! and she’s not very well trained. Monday, I dropped my highlighter, and, a couple minutes later, I go to pick it up. I don’t realize that the dog has claimed it has her own–I have never HAD a dog in my workplace; I’ve never LIVED with a dog; I don’t KNOW what dogs think about highlighters. She growls for a second, then snaps at my fucking hand. I realize about a millisecond before she does what she’s about to do and pull my hand back. As a result, my hand is only nastily bruised at the base of my thumb instead of requiring stitches. My boss laughed when this happened, and when I asked that the dog be kept out of the room.

I am sick and tired of being treated as though I am of no fucking value to you, yet am indispensible at the same time. I’m not worth enough to pay a decent wage to, but I’m valuable enough that she always needs me here. My life and my well-being and my education mean nothing to her. My HAND means nothing to her.

::sighs:: I only have one more month. ::repeats as a mantra::

You want to kill God? Doesn’t that make you Satan?

Eight hours without breaks and lunches is AFAIK illegal. That may vary based on the fact that she’s working out of her house, IANAL etc. but just because she’s a home-based business doesn’t mean she can ignore the applicable laws. I’d call your state’s department of labor and see what they tell you.

A snapping/biting dog is a health and safety issue. She’s putting you at risk by not keeping her animal away from you. Call OSHA, or your state’s labor department may be able to help you with that too. I suppose you could also look into suing her for the injury you suffered…

Or quit. She sounds dreadful. Get a job someplace else for more money, more respect and less her.

But seriously, she sounds like a flake; start looking for another job. If you just need the money, as you say, Mickey D’s pays better. If you are looking for something in line with your skills (and you don’t way what it is, exactly you do), is this really the only such job in a five-state area?

Call OSHA.

But I would tell her to fuck off, you should too.

Why are you still working for her? I don’t care if 8 hours without a break is illegal or no, you shouldn’t have to put up with that.

And if someone laughed at me when their dog bit me, I would have the police and a health inspector there within an hour (and I have done this).

Were it me, she’d find the fuckin’ thing simmering with a few onions in a large kettle at suppertime.

Remind me never to let you cook for me Chefguy. :smiley:

People can only take advantage of you like that if you let them.

Why don’t you stop being a pussy and push back. If you let them, bosses will demand everything from you and give nothing in return.

A bullshit work/study job while in college is the perfect oportunity to experiment with how and when to put the squeeze on your boss.

Oh yeah, and kick her stupid dog in the head while your at it.


Oh yeah, and call OSHA!!!

If you’re really averse to dogs and want to cause her a lot of medical bills for it, I’d say do the #1 dog no-no: feed it chocolate, and lots of it. Then again, I wouldn’t do it, ‘cause I personally am averse to the idea of punishing the dog.
Better solution: listen to the other people and report her to the proper authorities for violating labor regulations. Also, if the dog comes anywhere near you in a threatening way again, call the police and file charges.
Sometimes you gotta be a bitch to keep from being your boss’ do-bitch.

What the hell is wrong? You’re living like near homeless person to make $ 5.50 and hour under intolerable conditions. Even a high school student can get a job in retail making more than that. A good waitress would make at least triple that with tips.

Why are you working for such incredibly shit wages? The economy is not that bad and there’s plenty of better paying jobs available this time of year. I pay my kids coed math coed tutor $ 20 an hour for crying out loud.

Definitely illegal in California…

Absolutely, that is the way to go. Stop being a pussy. Waht is the worst that she can do, fire you, BFD.

Don’t kick the dog though.

Also, all that talk about illegal and OSHA…well you will spend more time on looking up the number and complaining than you will see in response.

You have power, you just don’t know it and you don’t know how to use it…practice, give her a good cursing and walk out.

Come back the next day and act like nothing happened and see how she acts.

“Chocolate, and lots of it” is not punishment. It is deadly. Chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs. According to this site, “The lethal dose of theobromine is approximately 150 mg per kg bodyweight; that is, 3.75g for a 25 kg dog. 200 g of dark chocolate contains approximately 4 g of theobromine and hence, would be more than enough to kill a Labrador-sized dog.” Theobromine is not as concentrated in milk chocolate, but milk chocolate is still deadly.

I haven’t any suggestions for the OP, but joking about killing the dog for acting in a natural way is unconscionable.

I say kill the dog.

Run. Run now. It won’t improve. File this away for Experience…

People who place ads looking for “college students” is 9 times out of 10 going to be exploitative…college student is often code for low wages…

ALL right, everybody…leave the poor dog out of this! The dog is not evil, it’s merely the victim of being untrained. In other words, don’t advocate poisoning, kicking, or otherwise harming the dog.


Get out while you can. I had a job that paid a lot more than that and took a considerable pay cut to leave because it was making me absolutely miserable, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I think back on that job and shudder.

Either stand up for yourself and tell your boss that the situation isn’t acceptable, or just quit and let her deal with it. Explain that the situation with the dog, and no breaks, and unreasonable expectations for telling you when you need to work and when you don’t need to change, or she can try to find someone else to be her doormat.

You’ll be a lot happier once you get out of there.