I think I have lost my social filters.

I went out today for lunch with two friends of mine. I have noticed that I might have lost my remaining social filters.

The restaurant we went to was -TERRIBLE-. And I actually pointed this out to the manager. They managed to mess up my order (when we were the only costumers on the place). The food was greasy and filled with tons of cheap cheese and way too much fat. There were spelling mistakes on the menu (they didn’t even bother to google the stuff up). Anyway… I realized I was a bit rude. But I couldn’t stop myself. I might have been a bit rude to my friends as well. They were nice to me and we laughed and talked a lot, but I noticed that I have been losing my patience much quicker lately. I took the bus home and the bus driver stopped at a bus stop and he started chatting with a guy - probably a supervisor or something like that. He simply stopped the bus and started chatting about soccer. I actually said “MOVE IT ALREADY” rather loudly (although I think that quite a few passengers agreed with me on that one). I don’t know what is happening.

I was diagnosed with Asperger’s, and I think that the symptoms are getting more clear. A few days ago my aunt came over and she was hugging me on a way that really made me uncomfortable. Human touch (on a few exceptions) is really bothering me lately. There was a rather large lady with oily hair in front of me on a bus and her hair was brushing against my arm. It bothered me. A lot. Like, I am actually thinking of buying a bottle of alcohol gel for those situations.

I am noticing that I am being rude, sometimes. I don’t know what is happening. I am also depressed and have rather severe anxiety, so I am on medication. Could that be an interaction? or maybe I am becoming more “Aspergical”?

You know what they say about the pot and the kettle (unless you guys really are “costumers”). :slight_smile:

Anyway . . . it may be time to see your doctor about your meds. Or you just may have had a bad day. My social filters have been getting somewhat thin too.