I think I have Nerve Attenuation Syndrome

N-A-S, the Black Shakes, man! Information overload!

My porno collection is too big. It’s too much of a hassle to try to sort it. Why do people give files such nonsensical names? Everything is 120769htehg3p2KL.jpg. Why can’t people make descriptive filenames, like halleberryass23.jpg or something? Then I could just search for what I wanted, no work necessary. I could change them myself, but that would take too long. If the guy who posted them would name them properly, he’d only have to do it once, instead of thousands of people downloading it and having to sort it or rename it. Why do people do that?

I wish it were easier to quickly make and delete bookmarks. It should only take a click or two to make one, and a right-click to delete one, instead of dealing with dialog boxes and stuff. I use Safari on a Mac. I know there are some Firefox extensions that make things easier, and I use Firefox sometimes, but Firefox is generally clunkier than Safari. I end up leaving lots of tabs open instead of bookmarking stuff, and all those tabs bog my computer down sometimes. And when I try to close them I end up getting sidetracked.

I’ve got too much shit on my home computer. I use it for web browsing, boring day-to-day stuff and not much interesting stuff. Sometimes I’ll use someone else’s computer, it’s like wow, a new computer. It’s like when I was a kid. I could do all sorts of stuff. My computer is cluttered with too much garbage, mundane documents and stuff. Bank statements, photos, product manuals, all sorts of stuff. I download stuff and then don’t bother organizing it. Trying to organize my stuff is a pain. Using a new account is a pain because then I have to switch back and forth and type passwords.

People have made threads about house de-cluttering. Maybe we need one about computer de-cluttering.

How to declutter your computer

  1. Open “Add/Remove” programs and uninstall anything that is not necessary for your PC to function, or anything you don’t use.

  2. Download "Spybot Search and Destroy. It has a great feature that allows you to look at programs that autostart on bootup. This is in addition to anything that is already in your “Startup” folder. When you click on an entry, it should show you a description of what that program is and give you an idea of whether or not it is needed. Uncheck every entry you do not need.

  3. Remove any icons on your desktop that you don’t regularly use.

  4. Do a defrag of your hard drive. It will speed up the loading times of programs and files.

I hope this helps.

A valid reason to not naming your files is p2p and file sharing. That way the RIAA and others look at your stuff (through eMule and other programs) they won’t know what is what. But the hashmarks will identify them for download.

Yeah I know that is a marginal system at best for keeping the regulators at bay but…

Deleting bookmarks is 1 click in Safari.
Just right-click on the bookmark and select “delete.”

No, that doesn’t work, at least on my Mac. You can do that if you go to the screen with all the bookmarks, but I want to be able to do it directly from the bookmarks menus. I want it to be as easy as closing a tab.

The OS X menu system doesn’t distinguish between right and left clicks, so this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. I suppose Apple could change this behavior if they wanted to, but don’t hold you breath…