Things other people do with computers that annoy the crap out of you

We have have our own little preferences, settings, shortcuts, quirks, foibles etc… when we use computers. All of ours make sense…everyone else’s is stupid and infuriating. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me:

  1. Having your laptop automatically go to sleep when you close the lid.

Gah! It’s maddening when I use a company laptop and someone has turned this back on, after I was so sure I turned it off on all of them! If I want it to sleep, I’ll tell it to sleep, it’s like four keyboard presses. (Ok, five…windows key+D to get to the desktop, Alt+F4 to get to the shutdown menu, hit the up arrow twice, then enter.) But I frequently shut the lid just to carry the laptop somewhere else, and it’s annoying to have to wait for it to come back from sleep (can take a while on a couple of our older computers,) and then the worst part, wait for our Citrix applications to reconnect. We have to remote in to our server to use most of our software, so it’s nice to just keep the damn thing on all the time. Rarely will anyone be away from an outlet long enough that the battery will die.

  1. Leaving unread emails in your inbox, trash, etc…

I obviously encounter this less often, since I don’t log into other people’s emails. But even just sort of peaking over their shoulder and seeing something like (559) in blue text next to ‘inbox’ makes me crazy. How does it not make you crazy!? Even emails I have no desire or need to read I’ll scroll over so they become read, even if I’m going to delete them…because having a blue (12) next to my deleted folder is just as annoying!

I have others, but you go ahead…

We have a weekly meeting run by one guy who connects his laptop to the widescreen so we can all follow along. It infuriates me how he always double-clicks hyperlinks. It’s irrational, I know, but it really bugs the hell out of me. He also emails all of the documents and files to himself and scrolls through his email inbox during the meeting to find the right one that has the file he wants to open, rather than putting that week’s files into a single folder or something. Aaarrgggghhh.

Oh YES. Also saving everything in one big folder, or worse yet, everything on your desktop.

What, do you have to wait for the tubes to warm up or something? My laptop comes out of sleep before I’m ready to type in my password. I can’t see NOT putting a laptop to sleep when the lid is closed.

My pet peeve is: zillions of icons on the desktop. I mean geeze - haven’t you heard of folders?

I leave unread messages in my trash folder because I’ve set up a filter to send all my junk straight to trash. Then I glance over all the trash email headlines once a week (give or take) and mark the folder read with one click. Much easier and more efficient than laying eyes on every piece of spam that waylays my mailbox. If there’s a piece of legitimate mail that is accidentally marked as spam, I don’t need to get to it faster than that (but really that’s not an issue–Thunderbird’s junk detection is very smart). I’ve only had one false positive since I started training Tbird’s junk filter, and it was just a newsletter that bore a very strong resemblance to junk.

Using my mom’s computer bothers me because she has a high-contrast color scheme (black with neon letters) and enormous lettering. But I can’t really get annoyed by it because she’s almost legally blind. Other than that, I can’t think of anything that bothers me about others’ computer use other than a vast accumulation of viruses from bad browsing habits.

People that maximize every window. Go back to DOS, you luddites!

People who don’t learn the keystroke shortcuts for common actions, like cut and paste. Instead, they slooooooowly navigate to the menu bar then slooooooowly scroll through the drop-down menu to “Cut.” Then they place their cursor and do it all again to paste. GAH!


It’s a two-lines email, not a final raidboss… sheesh.

Watch it buddy! That’s my wife you’re talking about! (I can’t get her to use keyboard shortcuts. When she asks me how do do something, and I say cmd-f… she says "just show me on the menu!”)

I’m just proud they know how to freakin cut and paste!
(I maximize every window, tdn. Sorry. I like them BIG.)

I don’t care about my spam box or trash box but everything in my inbox is “read” and is only there until I finish with it, then it gets archived, mostly into a folder, sometimes just put away.

My biggest, biggest pet peeve with computers is the person who will try ONE option or sometimes NONE and then sit back with a petulant look on their face waiting for someone to help them fix it. They won’t even try something else, not even when I’ve told them it’s ok. No, YOU fix it, Mika.

Almost everyone I work with does this. “It’s the way I learned it so that’s just how I’m going to do it” is always the response when I attempt to teach them the keyboard shortcut.

People who don’t use the startup menu. I’ve had techs get PISSED at me because I set the four apps I always need to launch whenever I start the computer. Sorry, dude, but that’s what you guys gave me the computer for…

People who save every file to the desktop. Just look at that desktop: a zillion files scattered all around in no apparent order. I can just imagine what your closet at home looks like.

Office workers get pissed at me cause I have a dozen apps open all at once. When they want to use the computer, they close (not minimize) each one individually with the corner “x”. The thought that there might be a single icon to minimize them all does not occur to them, and the difference between close and minimize is a mystery.

My boss makes a folder for every document, just about. If he is living dangerously, he might put two related documents in one folder, but that is pretty rare.

This makes me insane, creating a folder for every document is just as bad as saving every document to the desktop, but with more work! You are doing more work to be equally pointless!

I do this. In Outlook, I can quickly scan an email in the preview pane, but it stays marked as unread. And as long as it is marked as unread, I can remember that I haven’t dealt with it yet. When I have time to address the issue, I’ll formally “read” it, take whatever action is necessary, and then either delete, file, or just leave it there flagged as read.

For me that number is a bit higher (14,858). Doesn’t bother me at all.

Sure, I do that too.
But, that’s not the same as having thousands of unread junk emails in your inbox (which one of my friends has).

Touching a screen. Egads! Who wants little smeary fingerprints on a screen you stare at all day. Never, ever touch a screen.

Well, okay, now we have little screens you’re supposed to touch. But I’m talking about real screens here.

I used to teach CS, some with lab courses. The things students would do was … (sorry, went into flashback mode, sweats then chills).

Student would send file to printer. Nothing happens. Send again. And again. And again. Some would do this 50 times! Look, idjit. If it didn’t come out the first time, maybe there’s something wrong. Sending it 49 more times means either you’ll get 50 copies or I have to go thru and clean out the print queue.

These are CS majors. The concept of “Oh, there’s a problem, let me check on it before I do something.” was alien to some of them.

Tons of stuff. Another I remember is people that would lean on the backspace key to delete 10 lines of stuff. Just select and hit delete, bozoid.

And then there’s the virus spreaders. Click all those links, download and run anything you come across. Ask what’s a good computer to buy since your current one is “getting slower”. Suits are the worst. It’s never their fault. They are perfect people.

There is one woman at work who has her folder options set to open every folder in a new window.

Same person also has a wide screen monitor but has her resolution set to a setting for a normal monitor, so everything is stretched horizontally.

Both of these things make me dread having to work on her PC, which thankfully isn’t very often.