I Think I Have Ran Out of Things To Start Threads About?

Really. I think I have got total new thread starter topic block.

I mean the best I could come up with in the GD was the who wants crossdressers thing. And I think that one fell sorta flat. Ok it was pancake. Happy Ben?

But seriously, I don’t know what to do now? Should I do some work at work…Naaaa.

So please tell me what you know about writers block and how writers get over it. Otherwise I am going to have to start working. :eek:

Oh, I do have a new joke for ya.

This flea hops in this saloon and orders a whiskey. Drinks it. Then staggering to the leave the bar he hops over the saloon doors landing flat on his back. The flea looks around and says, “dad burnit, somebody must of moved my dog” :smiley:

I know little about writers block, but I do know it’s perfectly OK here at the ol’ Straight Dope Message Board to not start a thread for a change, especially if you don’t have anything to talk about anyway.

Did you misread the user agreement? Is there a new paragraph in there that I’m not aware of that tells you to Start At Least Ten Topics Per Week?

Starting… NOW!

The only way to get through a thread-submitting block is to fight through it. Start 50 new threads a day, every day – threads on every conceivable topic that wanders through your head. Don’t edit yourself – just start, start, START! Sure, most of them will probably be duds, but you’ll get a few keepers in there, too. Eventually, after a few weeks or months of starting 50 new threads a day every day, you’ll get into a rhythm and there’ll be more keepers than duds. Don’t give up. Don’t let anyone get you down with negative talk like, “You’ll never be the ace thread-starter you once were” or “Stop starting all these goddamn threads or we will track you down and break your mouse into a thousand tiny pieces.” Nobody ever got anywhere without perseverance. This thread-submitting block won’t last forever.

So, there you go – 50 new threads a day, every day. That’s the prescription for success. Guaranteed.

And, by the way, do all this thread-starting ON ANOTHER BOARD and return when you’re back on track. :slight_smile:

Snoops, do you know how close you came to a personal vist from the Grim Reaper? As it is, I am seriously considering taking your Birthday away from you! :slight_smile:

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Aw, maaan!

The part that really scares me is where it says you edited your post – I don’t want to imagine what horrible tortures you might’ve edited out.

Snoops, I’m still deciding whether or not to renew your birth certificate this year-be careful! :slight_smile:

Mine did. It also suggested that

A) I include links to commercial sites (preferably relating to either Warez, porn, Scientology or Magic Immortality rings.

B) I throw in at least seven gratuitous, pit-style flames into my non-pit posts per week, preferably in “drive-by” style.

C) That I criticize the mods at EVERY possible opportunity, and when those threads are closed start several, cross-posted threads in the pit, alternately whining and flaming.

What was in your user agreement?



don’t worry Bill.

just keep watching the news on TV.

Something will happen (probably involving Bill Clinton), you’ll get real mad, vent in a thread, and get everybody going - voilà - you’ll be back in form!
(P.S. - did you know that I envisage you as looking sort of like Yosemite Sam?)

Umm… so it would seem.

Bill- and this would slow you down…how?

How about the way you’re not supposed to put question marks at the end of non-question sentences?

[sub](ducks & runs)[/sub]

Too witty. LOL


Funny, you say that. When I used to be a morning man on the radio, people used to imagine me looking like one of the Almond Brothers. I would like to carry 2 guns around though but I am sure I would get hassled by the law.

Jeez Bill, do you mean the Allman Brothers? :rolleyes:

You drive me nuts, boy. If it ain’t the spellin’, it’s the grammerin’.

I’m so glad to hear about your blockage. Try to go an entire week without starting a thread. You might enjoy it. Then, limit yourself to one per week. You can still post, but maybe if you are limited as to how many you can start, the quality will improve.

Just a suggestion.