I think I kinda almost died...

Somehow a lamp broke in my living room. Went down to the supermarket and bought a new one. Went home, switched the lamp off, got on a metal ladder, removed the lamp cover… and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. Took quite a strong electrical shock on my hand. It felt quite… hot, stingy and my whole arm now hurts. WHat the fuck have I done wrong?

Ehm, now I realize I was weating my socks. I think that was kinda stupid of me…

Once you start weating your socks, death is fast approaching. Next comes Cheyne-Stokes respirations. Good luck, tidy up your affairs quickly.


If this helps, many many years ago I was trying to change the channel on our Admiral portable B&W television with pliers (the channel changer knob was missing), and a shock knocked me partway across the room. Interestingly, The Outer Limits was on at the time.

There was no lasting damage except for brief instances of catatonia, usually when I’m driving on the Interstate.

Well, Tonight some friends will come over. I will try this again after I drank a few cups of goo’ol Jack Daniels, that will be fun.

How many dopers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Jim and Jack went out in back
To help some Doper tinker;
They helped so well, as he did tell
He didn’t need his thinker.
They courage gave and judgment took
Until the job was finished;
Of course it’s bad, and rather sad
How much his arm’s diminished.


They’re really not kidding when they tell you “Do not attempt to adjust the picture”, are they?

Be sure to tell them about your shocking experience, they’ll be electrified. Although some may wonder watt’s the big deal.

I want to marry you and have your punny little babies <3

I think a bunch of us were supposed to come in here and say, “B e sure to turn off the electricity first,” how come nobody has done that?

Its much more fun this way :slight_smile: A friend of mine did something similar, but it was after we had had a few drinks. Fun times.

Best quote and username.

Because that’s hard, man. I done it before without turning it off lots of times and it worked out just fine so far.

Just checking in to see if anyone’s shed any light on this yet. Sorry I can’t help - I’m really in the dark with electrical stuff.

Just don’t get too amped up before you [del] fry [/del] try this again.

Next time use the bathroom before fixing the light so you don’t weat your socks.

For future reference, the best thing to do after a mild electric shock is to cross your legs and meditate. Now, repeat after me: “OHMMMM…”

Resistance is useless!

Now that you have proved you have superhero powers with resistance to 110 volts, go look at the big 220 plug on your clothes dryer…