Nearly just killed myself. FIRE.


Working on my addition, I had a rag in my left rear pocket.

Got too close to a propane heater.

Enipla says to himself. Wow. That thing really puts out some heat.

I turned around to look at the heater and realized that the heat is coming from behind. So is the smoke.

FIRE! ENIPLA IS ON FIRE. I pulled the rag out before it got to me and did a dance on it.

Damn, damn. That was a bit close. Burnt my thumb a little.

I’m a very cautious person. I guess, not cautious enough.

I think I will keep the rag as a reminder.


Man…. Careful as you can be and stuff still sneaks up on you. NEVER FORGET THAT.


Back to work.

You know, it just burns my ass when stuff like that happens. :slight_smile:

Me too.

Could have been real bad though. Another 10 seconds or so and I think I would be in the hospital. If I could not get it put out and did not burn down the house (and me) in the process.

I’ve Never been on fire before.

Nope, that’s not true. I started my pants on fire in welding class in high school (22 yrs. ago or so). Stuck my leg in a 5 gallon cooling bucket to put it out.

Fire gets your attention real, real fast. Especially when you are the one that’s burning.

Gonna check that off as something I don’t want to do again.

I feel like I just used up one of my “You where lucky” coupons.

And I picked up a “don’t do that again you idiot” demerit.

Live and learn.

welding class, ren-no, something is telling you: “put down the tools, step away from the machines. pick up knitting needles.”

i’m glad you are ok. fire moves really fast and ruthlessly.

rocking chair

Not quite ready for the rocking chair yet. :smiley:

Bought a ‘blow nozzle’ for my compressor the other day. I told my wife “This will be great for dusting”.

I’m turnng into Tim Allen.

Not really. I believe in buying the right tools for the job. And hireing someone when I’m not the right tool for the job.

But really, the dusting thing will be great for… um lots of stuff. yea… thats it.

NOT ON FIRE ummm. At the moment.

enipla (43 years old, still have all my fingers and toes).

Billdo took my line!

Glad you’re okay.

Fashion note to enipla: Hot pants are out.

Used up the lucky coupons?
I know how that feels. When I was 20 or so, in my dorm room, I placed a metal candleholder with a long new candle in it on the central heating. For some reason, I dozed off a little. I woke up to see the candle had melted, had bent and was only an inch away from setting fire to a curtain.

Candles just lost their appeal as moodmakers for me after that.

You do realize what the doctor would have suspected you were doing?

“When you’re on fire, people will get out of your way.”
– Richard Pryor

Let’s go over this again…

Beer Good. Fire BAD. Tree Pretty.

Take it from someone who just found out…

Fortune Favors Fools.

All I could think of while reading the OP was the old Tom and Jerry cartoons (and Daffy Duck, too, now that I think about it) where their tails catch on fire, and they always reacted pretty much the same way you did. :slight_smile: