I think I need your prayers (a little long)

On July 8th I went in for some surgery to fix some problems that I was having with my stomach. On the 10th complications occurred and they had to go back in. This time it was a near thing.

Prayer 1: I am out and home now and am mostly on the mend, physically. However, the last 3 nights I have had a resurgence of the original problem. This is horrible. To endure what I went through and to not have my problem fixed - well the thought is rather depressing.

Prayer 2: Emotionally I am a wreck. I find that I have too much empathy. Violent scenes really upset me. I can no longer read my favorite genre (Swords and Scorcery) because it upsets me. I can’t watch the discovery channel because it upsets me. I am not accustomed to this, having always been pretty easy-going. I am terrified of going back to the hospital. Everything I do now I wonder if it could affect my health and send me back.

I worry that I may never be happy again. Will I spend all my life now worrying about every little thing? I have no background in being this afraid all the time. I have no coping mechanism. Everyone I talk to tells me that this will pass and the intense feelings will fade. I was told to just “not let it get to me.”

If time passes and these feelings do not fade, I will probably seek a psychologist, but for now, I ask for your prayers, good thoughts or what have you.

I do not want to live like this for the rest of my life.

Don’t wait, call the doctor NOW and explain what is going on. They will be able to point you to someone who can help. It may be a matter of simply changing your meds. Call, call, call!!!

I have spoken to him about both the medical condition and about my emotional condition.

The physical condition he has suggested is due to the stomach still healing and he suspects it will quiet down.

The emotional condition he tells me is not uncommon when one has gone through what I have gone through. He thinks it will pass. Intellectually I believe him. I am just waiting for it to all pass.

Praying for you now. Hang in there.

Prayers coming your way. And do hang in there. And if you need to talk about it while waiting for it to pass, ask your doctor for a referral to someone if you don’t have a friend or family member available to listen.

I don’t think it is all unusual to experience what you are going through.

The surgery did not go as expected and you’ve run the gamut of emotions. You are not a machine. You are human.

You are frazzled physically and emotionally and probably exhausted, too boot.

It is easy to see why the things you use to enjoy cause you no pleasure.

Exhaustion, mild depression and fear will do that to a person.

Talk to your doctor immediately.

Hang in there.

Prayers and warm thoughts headed your way. Be gentle with yourself – it really will get better, honest!

Prayers going up for you, hopefully you will heal quickly.

OK, we need to know some details. How big of a scar did you get to keep? Is it big enough to scare children and small animals or is it wimpy and only good for scaring off the plague?

Are you still getting to wear fuzzy slippers or are you well enough to be in “real” shoes?

Q: How do you keep an elephant from charging.
A: Take away his credit card.

The above was my lame attempt at humor. Cause laughter is the best medicine.


Sending many many prayers your way. Take care of yourself.

My thoughts are with you, Khadaji – the best of luck to you. May you mend spiritually, emotionally and physically and be as good or better than you were.

(BTW, great username! I love the Matador series.)

The scar starts in the middle of my left shoulder blade and curves down to the bottom of my left rib cage. Those who have seen it tell me it is quite impressive.

Thanks to all who have sent prayers and good thoughts so far!

May you find comfort and peace and be well on your way to recovery.


Peace be with you Khadaji.

Surgery is never easy, and can leave you frazzled to no end - physically and emotionally.

Pray thee well friend :slight_smile:

Wow. I hope things get better for you soon. ::sending a bunch of good thoughts your way:: Hang in there, and just try to remember that we’re all here if you need to vent frustration.

My mom has a scar like that. It’s on her right side. A few weeks after I was born, my mom somehow developed a hole in her lung. In order to fix it, they had to cut from her shoulder blade to the front of her chest. Then they had to staple it back up when they were done.

Spend some time outdoors, in the sunlight.

Clinical depression is made worse by a dark environment.

Get some air.

If there’s a park nearby, with small children, go there.

Wishing you strength, Khadaji.

Thanks to all who stopped to wish me well.

Thanks to all who stopped to wish me well.